Dancing (and singing) in the rain

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I like rain. I also like to dance in the rain.

Dancer Tenealle Farragher photographed by Jordan Matter in Washington Heights, NYC

Dancer Tenealle Farragher photographed by Jordan Matter in Washington Heights, NYC

The above photography is from the book Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter Photography. There’s a little bit of a funny story (OK, not really funny but there is a story) about the photo, though. The actual photograph does not have the caption. Someone alerted the artist about it being circulated without the proper credit.

The following paragraph is from Jordan Matter Photography Facebook page:

This image of Tenealle Farragher was making its way around the internet uncredited until someone alerted me. And a good thing they did! When I contacted Dance World (a dance store in Dublin, Ireland) and asked them to credit us on their Facebook post, they did even better than that- they ordered 100 copies of my Dancers Among Us book!

I’m happy Mr, Matter is getting his due credit. I can only imagine how beautiful the photographs must look in the book. And of course, I am happy there’s a book about about dancers. Furthermore, I’m thrilled two swingdancers are also featured in the book.

That’s how I heard of it, actually. Because NYC Lindy Hopper Evita Arce posted this picture on her Facebook wall:

Evita Arce & Michael Jagger

Lindy Hoppers Evita Arce & Michael Jagger photographed by Jordan Matter

As Mr Matter puts it:

Even after all the posts and articles, there are still over 50 NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos in my Dancers Among Us book, like this one of international Lindy hop stars Michael Jagger and Evita Arce. There are many more gems that you won’t find anywhere online, so what are you waiting for? Dancers Among Us is the perfect last minute holiday gift!

Here’s a favourite of mine: A cabaret piece by the best female Lindy Hoppers in North America – including my daughter and Evita Arce, that was part of Followlogie 2011.  Don’t think it’s just motherly pride when I say my daughter is the prettiest of all ;)

Followlogie is an annual weekend event for women* only (know in the Lindy Hop world as follows, thus the name) where we gather to learn from the best female dancers all the secrets of the trade. There are workshops, panels, dances, competitions** and a big show on Saturday night. The video was part of the show.


* Or men who dance as follows

** I competed with the Dynamite Girls that year and we placed third :)

Proud Mama

Oh, and by the way, my kickass daughter made it to the finals of the Jack and Jill All Star Division. THE ALL STAR DIVISION.

In case my all caps didn’t make it obvious enough, it is kind of a BIG DEAL!

To give you an idea, these are the Jack & Jill divisions:

  1. Open (where I competed)
  2. Advanced
  3. All Star
  4. Invitational

If any of you is interested, you can see her dancing in real time cause they are live-streaming the finals at 5:45 ET.

Live Stream


There she is, while we wait for our lunch

Time to panic


8 days to go for the International Lindy Hop Championships

A week from today I’ll be half way to Washington, DC

And I don’t think I’m anywhere near being prepared for it.

Remember, my funny daughter decided to register me for both the Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill and the Open Balboa Jack & Jill without telling me.  Oh, yeah.  She’s VERY funny.  FYI, she’ll be competing in the Advanced division.

Granted, she posted this on Facebook late on Saturday night:

Not sleepy anymore so I decided to do a little late night embarrassing: At last Saturday Night Swing, I was sitting down, taking a little break, when I saw awesome swivels out of the corner of my eye, in my mind I said “whoa, who’s swiveling like a badass over there?!”, I looked, and realized that it was my mother. It was a very proud daughter moment :)

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Hello from the middle of nowhere

Hi there, dear blogosphere.

I’m at a golf resort in the middle of Effing Nowhere, QC. surrounded by about 800 swingers… er…. swingdancers from all over North America.

Said swingdancers are about to get hammered since all the competitions are over and tomorrow is a holiday for us Canucks.

Our school got a ton of medals as usual and everybody is ready to party hard (we don’t allow our students to drink until the comps are over)

Wi Fi sucks big time here and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to post this.

The party room is open and I hear they are doing some sort of shot (the MC told us that anybody going there should bring an umbrella and open their mouths).

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