It’s The Little [Leftie] Things

Yesterday, I got a very awesome surprise gift from my very awesome fiance that made me super happy. Here it is, in all its glory:

Leftie Scissors

You may wonder why a pair of scissors is such a big deal for me. But when you’ve spent all of your leftie life cutting things with right-handed scissors, you would know. I just wanted to sit and cry, so happy I was! What a thing. You righties have no idea how aggravating it is for us lefties to live in a right-handed world Continue reading

A Sidlet wanted a Fairy Garden…

One fine afternoon in Lansingland, Sidlet 2 said she wanted a plant for her room. The Sidlets room has a lovely window with a nice window ledge that is just perfect for a plant. So a couple of days later we went to get a plant. While there, I saw all this cute thingies and suggested making a fairy garden instead.

Needless to say Sidlet 2 thought it was the best idea ever. We got all the things we wanted, which required going to three different stores (Thank you Sid and Sidlet 1 for being so patient) and then we got to work!

We cleared the table and set all our stuff. I took a short bathroom break and when I came back, Sidlet 2 had drawn a garden plan! That girl is impressive. I thought I had taken a photo of it but I can’t find it but you can sort of see it in the first photo of the gallery.

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