The Darkness whitin

In the darkness I commune
with the dark thoughts I emane
in the darkness I dwell
with the dark energy I create

A child of the light I’m not
the darkness I prefer
it doesnt hurt my eyes
the darkness suits me well

In the darkness I forever walk
In the dark recesses of my soul I live
forever destined to be dark
radiating darkness as I breathe

inward my thoughts go
into the vastness of the void
inward lies the comfort
of the ever numbing cold

But why can’t the rest of me follow?
oh, how wonderful it’d be
to exist where time is nonessential
where only cold and darkness live

A life accursed. Split
demanding light that hurts
welcoming cold, unlit

The choice is easy, friend
no need to even think
if offered, I’d stay
for all the time complete

body, soul and mind
here in the darkness within

What is loneliness, really?

You can be surrounded
by hundreds in the city
and still feel all alone.

By yourself be and yet
a sweet memory sustains you
When everyone is gone.

What defines that odd space
so empty yet so heavy
in the proverbial middle
of your being, of your soul?

What is the ellusive nature
of the hungry black hole
threatening to swallow
the very light of your core?

Quantum physics be damned!
One day you feel connected.
The next you are so lost.

The figments of my essence
of fickle fibers, they are made.
To have them be permanent
I haven’t found a way.

Yes, of them I am a puppet
forever I must run.

There and back; forever struggling,
to find and patch the gaps.

Perhaps one day, perhaps,
I will remain connected
I will remain attached.

And loneliness will be
but a thing of the past.