March the 25th

 Today is the birthday of the super-amazing-kickass-ridiculouslygorgeous-insanelytalented-businesswoman daughter of mine.

And for the third time in life, we’re in a different city.

The first time, she was 11 and I was in Bogota, for my Molecular Biology internship after finishing med school.

The second time, she was between ages 13 – 16 and I was here in Canada while she remained in Colombia with her brother, waiting for her Canadian papers.

This time around, we are both in Canada but I am in Windsor and she is in Montreal/Ottawa. I just got off the phone with her. She told me she’s sad we’re not together on her birthday.

I am sad too

I went to bed last night thinking I was not going to be able to jump on her bed while singing the happy birthday song loudly to wake her up like I always did. Or put her birthday card and present by her coffee cup (full with delicious Colombia coffee I had just made for her, of course) on the table for her to find when she came to have her birthday breakfast.

I know that this is how life is supposed to be. Children grow up and then they leave the nest.

I know I was very lucky to be able to do it for so long.

I know she needs to spread her wings and I am very happy she’s doing it now.

In a way, I am happy I am here because if I were still in Ottawa, she’d still be with me and I know I was holding her back. You see, even though she had had her own place for a while, which is normal and healthy, she had moved back in with me when I got very sick back in 2012 so she could help with my recovery. Sure, we had great times together. We traveled, we laughed, we cooked – okay, fine, SHE cooked and I ate. We watched movies. We worked together. We entertained friends. And I did get better.

But she’s a grown up woman now and she needs to live her life.

So, happy birthday daughter. I know you’ll have a wonderful time in Montreal today. Laugh. Drink. Eat cake. Dance. Savour every moment because life is but an instant and in the end, all we have is our memories and the love we gave and received in return!

Life Should Be Celebrated 2


The phone conversation didn’t end up in a sad tone. We did laugh and I did sing her the birthday song and wish her a happy birthday. Now she’s off to enjoy the day, as it should be.

Braggin’ Mamma

I feel like bragging today.

Too much momma pride to let it pass. Besides, let’s face it. We ALL know who she got the looks from, right?


Here she is in all her glory:

Glamour in the 30's

Glamour in the 30’s

She a total quadruple threat. She’s got the brains, she’s got the looks, she’s got the talent. She sings, she dances, she choreographs. In fact, she’s won many awards in all those three areas. And she’s an accomplished businesswoman! Click on the picture to see the rest of the photo shoot.

And now, champagne*!

Or a Muppets video to make you smile :)


* Another 20 extra brownie points if you got the movie reference

A quarter Century

My daughter turned 25 today. TWENTY-FIVE!

How did that happen? It feels like yesterday when we celebrated her first birthday.

I decided we should make a big deal out of her first quarter of a century – and because, really, anything is a good excuse for a good party, I declared this past weekend a Nataliapalooza and celebrate we did.

Nataliapalooza Day 1 started on Friday when I woke her up with this card

B-Day card - front B-Day card - inside

She said that I had “found the best mother to daughter B-Day card! It’s like you had it made especially for us”. Continue reading

What a day (and what a weekend)

My mind – and feelings, are all over the place today.

I’ve been subjected to a roller-coaster of emotions by those around me.

In the last 24 hours I’ve been accused of being a liar, a sell-out and many other ugly things by people who supposedly love me.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve gone from “I can’t do this anymore” to “I’ve no choice by to keep going” a few times.

I decided to accept the invitation of one of my son’s high school friends to go to her cottage.  I thought taking him away for some quiet time would do him good.  What a disaster that turned out to be.

Thank goodness my daughter and I had to work on Saturday night so it was supposed to be only roughly 24 hours.

I actually came back physically sick and couldn’t even work last night.

My daughter woke me up early today cause we had a photo shoot at the studio at 11 am.  She left just before 10 cause she had to open the studio for the photographer and I was supposed to get there at 10:30 so she could do my hair.

I took my shower, got dressed and went to get my things together.  Couldn’t find my dress so I thought my daughter had taken it with her so I left.  Got to the studio, to find out my dress was not there.  You know how -when you are already having a bad day, the littlest thing can make you feel really miserable? Yeah, that.

I went back home, found that my dress was still in the dress bag in my daughter’s closet after our last trip to Montreal.  Good.  Headed back to the studio.  While waiting at the light, the only thing on my mind was: “wouldn’t it be nice if I got run over by a bus and it all ended here?”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get run over so I continued walking and got to the studio.  Everybody was there as it was already 11.  My hair was still not done and I was not dressed.

I managed to get photo shoot presentable and did my takes.  Not without getting my eyes all watery a couple of times.

My daughter went home after the shoot and I stayed to help with a Collegiate Shag workshop.  I wasn’t teaching it but there were short of women so I stayed and helped.

Go figure.  By the time my foot was hurting to much to keep dancing, I was smiling again.  Dancing has that effect on me.

After a quick stop at Loblaws, I got home feeling almost happy again.

Ha! How naive of me.

I open the door and my daughter is crying.  My son is gone.

Take a deep breath….

So yeah.  That’s my day.

My son packed his things and left with his suitcase.  His return ticket is for July 20th so I suppose he intends to stay at a friend’s in the mean time.  Maybe try and change his flight.  I don’t know.

Juan Valdez at Casa Colombiana

Since I shared one of my son’s illustrations, now I feel compelled to share some of my daughter’s art too.

I don’t think I’ve told you either that my daughter and I named our little place Casa Colombiana. Well, this is in our dining room




PS: I wonder why WP thinks I should tag this post with “Brad Pitt”…

Epic times will ensue

Sunday! Another week ends

(or starts if you count that way)

but first – if you don’t mind,

I’ll say: Happy Canada Day!

No doubt, the SSG is happy

she gots to dance a lot

furthermore, in two more days

the prodigal son comes home.

Alas, for two weeks only

no matter, that’s enough

we shall reminisce and be merry

for what’s life, but just a luff

Hugs, dancing, food and music,

cuddly cats and a bear too

colour pencils and sketch pads

a pot of coffee or two.

Add a son and a daughter

and epic times will ensue

tight bonds strong anew

over a chocolate fondue!

The three [Colombian] Musketeers

Damn, we’re a good looking family


Saturday Sketches

Yesterday afternoon My daughter, her boyfriend and I went to check out the Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Even though we’ve been living in Ottawa for years (a decade, really) this was the first time we got off our butts and went.

Since none of us are early birds, we went in the afternoon.  Which was good cause by the time we got there, the crowd was getting thin.  Sure, one can agree the best items were already gone but we didn’t intent to buy stuff, just to go for a stroll and enjoy the weather.  We ended up buying two National Geographic magazines in mint condition for 25 cents each.  Each one for the birth date of my children.  We look for mine but they didn’t have it :(

Then we got hungry so we went to a Tex-Mex restaurant.  We got settled and I got my book and fountain pen to do some sketches (drawings?*) and N asked if she could draw something there.  Since she’s a gazillion times better than I am [which is really no a lot to say.  Little Satchmo is a lot better than I am too.

Anyway, I gave her the notebook and the fountain pen and this is what she drew:


I’m the one of the left, with the parrot skirt


The Boyfriend


* Can someone explain to me the difference between drawing and sketching?

S***t my kids used to say

I was tempted to call this post “Shit my kids used to say” but then I thought it is already overdone.  So I’m not doing that.*

But man, how I wish blogging had existed back in the day when my kids were little.  Or smartphones with built-in videocams for that matter.  But they didn’t.  Sadly, I’m starting to forget.  And that IS a shame.

But here’s one that I would never forget.

It happened like this.  We were on our way back home after a pediatrician appointment.  The kids must’ve been three and four.  We were in a taxi, all four of us.  Me, their dad, and the two kids.

They just had had a shot (don’t ask me which one) and we had explained to them why it was so important they got those shots even though they hurt a little.  Their health was very important to us and we didn’t want them to get sick later on.  They asked about all the various vaccines and diseases (with both parents being doctors, this kind of conversation was very normal for us) and then all of a sudden N pauses for a second then proceeds to say very loudly and proudly:

Continue reading