Arting in Lansingland

I seem to have hit a major hindrance in blogging. It is not for lack of time or lack of subject. I have plenty of both. But I just can’t get started. It’s been more than a month since my last post and I even started one -which is still in draft, about Black History Month. Imagine! We’re past mid-March now.

So, since I can’t write, I’ll just share with you some of the drawings I did while in Lansingland. Yes, I did bring most of my art supplies with me. Of course I did. A girl can’t travel without them, you know…

Thing is, the Sidlets really like to draw. And they are both quite good in their different styles, I must say. They spend a lot of time arting, which I think is just the awesome. As it turned out, they really liked my pens and coloured pencils. One day, Sidlet # 2 was getting acquainted with my felt tip pens and drew several kitties, declaring that the pen was awesome. Then she moved onto homework and promptly forgot about the kitties. I – however, didn’t. I saved them, cut them out and gave them a playground:


For Sidlet # 2: Kitty Cafe

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I miss drawing

Every day I want to draw. Every day I say to myself. Myself, it’s time to draw again.

And every day, I can’t bear the thought of getting my sketch pad and my pencil. Not even of colouring anything with my pretty colour pens.

Le sigh.

Maybe tomorrow.


Life goes on

The last few days came and went by in a heartbeat.

I watched The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday and a movie (Total Recall, if you must know) at home on Friday. I played with the kitties. I slept a lot. I listened to music. I taught Lindy Hop on Saturday and Balboa on Sunday. I DJ’ed at Saturday Night Swing.  Only thing I didn’t have time for was drawing and I really miss it.

But most of all, I did a lot of thinking.

For a while, it seemed like I was at the edge of the cliff. That any minute now I was going to lose my footing and fall into that dark pit depression is.

But I didn’t.

I’m still terribly worried about my son, of course.

But I can still enjoy the little things. I can still be overwhelmed by that hydrogen bomb of cuteness little Satchie is.

I adore that little runt

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Another present to myself? Why not!

Since y’all have been so supportive of my new hobby and all, I decided to throw the house out of the window and get some art supplies.

So, this afternoon I convinced the Bear to go with me to the art store (cause it’s more fun that way) and got me this beauty!



I probably shouldn’t have spent that much money and I’ll definitely have to tighten my belt for the rest of the month but I am SO excited about all the things I’ll be able to do now!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go draw something….

Saturday Sketches

Yesterday afternoon My daughter, her boyfriend and I went to check out the Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Even though we’ve been living in Ottawa for years (a decade, really) this was the first time we got off our butts and went.

Since none of us are early birds, we went in the afternoon.  Which was good cause by the time we got there, the crowd was getting thin.  Sure, one can agree the best items were already gone but we didn’t intent to buy stuff, just to go for a stroll and enjoy the weather.  We ended up buying two National Geographic magazines in mint condition for 25 cents each.  Each one for the birth date of my children.  We look for mine but they didn’t have it :(

Then we got hungry so we went to a Tex-Mex restaurant.  We got settled and I got my book and fountain pen to do some sketches (drawings?*) and N asked if she could draw something there.  Since she’s a gazillion times better than I am [which is really no a lot to say.  Little Satchmo is a lot better than I am too.

Anyway, I gave her the notebook and the fountain pen and this is what she drew:


I’m the one of the left, with the parrot skirt


The Boyfriend


* Can someone explain to me the difference between drawing and sketching?

I wish I could draw [like SaraDraws]

I wish I could draw [like SaraDraws].  It would be so much easier to express myself that way!

Words don’t come easily to me.  No.  Let me rephrase that.  Words come too fast to me.  So fast, that by the time I write three letters, ten different thoughts have flown by.  Come and gone.  Never to be heard again.  Never to be fully grasped.  All that remains is a faint memory of an idea, of a million ideas.  A brain full of ghosts that once were, five milliseconds or a month ago.

Gordo the Squirrel


How can I write anything coherent when my brain constructs exist at the subatomic level of faster than light particles when my hand depends on the more mundane speeds of molecular reactions? the brain thinks of writing and neurotransmitters are released to send a signal to my muscles to write [or type]. Way too slow.

And so, I stare at the laptop screen or the straight lines of a notebook, eyes trying to focus but not really seeing anything.  Fingers ready to type.  Hand ready to write.  And nothing happens.  There is a disconnect.

I want to scream but I don’t.  Actually, that’s not true.  I do scream. At the top of my lungs.  Only that no sounds comes out of my mouth.  But I hear it, loud and clear.  It’s deafening.

So I just stare and scream while thoughts keep flying by.  A century or an hour later, I move.  I open a webpage.  I look at pretty things.  I read what other clowns people are saying.  I get up and eat something.  I play with my cat.  I wish I were a cat.

But! what if cats also get ADD/ADHD?

Just another day in Jazz Cat Jay’s live