Good Morning World

Last night, I cry myself to sleep. I was pinteresting and there was this pin on my feed, about animal cruelty. A monster had nailed a sweet little angel cat to a fence. Just writing about it makes my insides churn and I can feel the tears coming back.

And then I wake up today and this what I see. The scene took my breath away. The picture hardly does any justice to the landscape. The sunshine on the grass and on the leaves giving everything a lovely golden touch… the bright autumn colours… the blue sky…


My view as I sip my delicious Colombian coffee

I hear the sound of the running water, the adorable goofy honking of the geese, the chirping of little birds, the music of our little wind chime.

I know life is difficult. For some more than others but everybody, nonetheless.

I know I am blessed. Lucky till no end. I have love. I am safe.

My heart still weeps for those who are suffering, furry and non-furry alike. My body still burns with wrath for the all injustice, the cruelty, the ugliness of this world.

But there is a soothing calm in my soul.

I will continue to bathe in the peacefulness of my surroundings, allowing myself to grow stronger so I can be the change I wish to see in the world

The End of an Era

Fear. Excitement. Sadness. A whirlwind of emotions. A lump on my throat and a weight in my stomach.

But it is decided.

I am leaving Ottawa.




Yes. After 13 years, I am moving -again, to a city where I don’t know anyone. Or just one person, rather.

Oh, I will be still in Canada. I know one can never say never but things would have to be truly desperate for me to leave the country I so love. Instead, I will be as close as I can be to the fiancé without actually moving to the States.

Kitties and I will embark in a whole new adventure. Wish us luck cause come November 30th, we’ll be saying goodbye to our beloved Ottawa.

All I can say is that I do hope and cross fingers that one day in a not too far future, we can all go back, fiancé-turned-husband included.

When doing the right thing breaks your heart

I am not knew to broken hearts. Nobody is.

I could give you a hundred examples.

Like when I decided to come to Canada even if it meant not seeing my children for several years. That broke my heart. But time proved me right and after a while we were reunited here. Now my children have a world of opportunities they would never know, had we stayed in Colombia.

Or when last year I had to let go of someone I loved very much because it was the best thing for both of us. Again, broken heart.

Today, I had to do the right thing again.

Today, my heart weeps.

Today, it sucks to be me.

But I find comfort in knowing that I did the right thing.

Sad Daisy