The Perks of Going Out

Went for a walk yesterday. 

Actually, I went to my closest Tim Horton’s to use the wi fi cause I wanted to answer emails and other stuff from my laptop computer. 

You know stuff that is a royal pain in the arse to do from the phone. 

I almost got heat exhaustion just from the short walk but the place is air-conditioned and I had plenty of water with me so that ended well. 

Saw some pretty flowers onu way back. 

I love flowers so I am going to share them with you because pretty.

They’re two small trees, side by side, on my street and they are both full of pretty flowers. 

So there!

I hope they make you smile like they did to me

Edit: oops I guess I better add a title too


Dandelion, dandelion

[One of] today’s million musings:

I love dandelions. I know they are considered weeds but I think they are beautiful. They have a beautiful yellow colour when in flower (I mean, who can stay grumpy when such a happy colour is around) and then they transform in this gorgeous creation of nature (as if the flower alone weren’t an impressive work or art already).

I love the science of symmetry behind if and love the fun it provides. Fibonacci FTW.

Just try it. Get one of those and blow with all your might. I dare you not to giggle while doing it. Make a wish while you are at it. Who knows, maybe it’ll come true.

And! if all that weren’t enough, dandelions are the first food for our precious bees.

One of the reasons bee populations are dwindling – other than the evil pesticides, of course – is people’s infuriating [to me] love of manicured lawns. When everybody decided dandelions were weeds and therefore verboten from pretty lawns, bees were left without an early spring food source.

So I went to my garden and took these pictures. Continue reading


It’s never been a secret that I love.

I love many things, with great passion.

I love dancing.

I love music.

I love animals.

I love flowers.

I love bright colours.

I love rainbows.

I love rainy days.

I love water.

I love books.

I love cake.

I love bike rides. Continue reading

Don’t want no flowers when I’m dead

Don’t want no flowers when I’m dead.

Trying the “Press this” button for the first time. Let’s see how it goes.

This month is the 29th anniversary of my mother’s death. She was 34 when she died, a life lost to domestic violence.

I always gave her flowers on Mother’s day and on her birthday. I should have given her flowers every day. But then again, when you’re that young sometimes you don’t think.


Old Summer Solstice Girl had a garden

And she misses it greatly.  Cause the Summer Solstice Girl HEARTS flowers.  All types of flowers.  The cultivated ones and the wild ones.
From roses to orchids. From mums to tulips. From carnations to violets. From pansies to irises.  Spring flowers. Summer flowers, Fall flowers.
Here a flower, there a flower, everywhere a flower-flower…
But of all the pretty flowers that be, the Summer Solstice Girl’s favourite kind of flowers are daisies.  All daisies, but particularly Gerbera daisies
aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?
Flowers and smiles go together. Incidentally, you can check this other post of mine, if you feel so inclined: Don’t want no flowers when I’m dead
Funny Factoid: I just learned (while looking for pictures of daises for this post) that the traditional meaning for the gerbera daisy is beauty and innocence. It made me smile.

Don’t want no flowers when I’m dead

There’s this Spanish song called “Donde Brilla el Sol” (Where the Sun Shines). It was a favourite of my mother’s. She used to sing it all the time. It goes like this:

No quiero flores cuando muera
Las quiero ahora en mi jardín
No quiero amores con cualquiera
Cualquiera no me hace feliz

Como el girasol busco mi lugar
Donde brilla el sol
Tengo el corazón a disposición
Para un gran amor
Siempre digo si
La palabra no, nunca me gustó
Como el ave soy canto mi canción
Sin una razón

No quiero herencias venideras
Ni un gran futuro por vivir
Quiero sentir la primavera
Que no se queda mucho aqui

Here’s my translation:

I don’t want flowers when I die
I want them now in my garden
I don’t want to love just anyone
Just about anyone doesn’t make me happy

Like the sunflower, I look for my place
where the sun shines
My heart is available
for a great love
I always say yes
I never liked the word no
I’m like a bird singing my song
for no reason

I’m not waiting for an inheritance to come
nor I long for a grand future
I just wanna feel the spring
since it doesn’t stay very long

My mother used to tell me all the time that she didn’t want flowers at her funeral -or her grave, for that matter. She would say to me: “I want them now, when I can enjoy their pretty colours and their sweet scent”.

As it happens, I’m very much like my mother. I also don’t want flowers when I die. I want them now in my garden. I wanna enjoy them now, when I can. And that goes for all the other stuff too. Natalia and I were watching an episode of Two and a Half Men today. The one were Charlie’s best friend dies while drinking and smoking cigars at Charlie’s place. Then Charlie starts thinking he’s gonna die as well because he leads the same kind of unhealthy life his pal did. He tries to make amends and starts buying people gifts. While at his mother’s place he mentions he needs to go arrange the funeral. The mother tells him not to be cheap and get his pal an expensive coffin. Sure, it’s intended to be a joke. But sadly, more people than you’d think, believe that if you love someone, you have to spend a lot of money on a casket and a fancy funeral. I also think it is disgusting that funerals have become so expensive. Why does a grieving family has to also be burdened with such a financial blow? Why thousands of dollars must be spent so their loved ones can be buried?

I say, the hell with that. What”s the point? I’m dead. I’m not gonna enjoy anything you buy me. In fact, I want the cheapest casket possible. That’s why I want to be cremated as well. That way there won’t be a grave people would be tempted to bring flowers to. That money can go towards providing food and education for a third world child. Or to support your local animal shelter. Or plant a bunch of trees.

So, I want my flowers now.

I love flowers

And it’s not just me. Everybody deserves flowers when they’re alive. FYI, that doesn’t mean you have to run to the nearest flower store and buy the most expensive bouquet you can find. It’s not about money. It’s about letting people know that we care about them.

That’s why I don’t want people saying how much they loved me, or how much they miss me when I’m gone either. Tell me now that I am alive, when I can actually hear it, when I can tell you that I love you back. It’ll make me happy and it’ll make YOU happy. Nothing more rewarding than telling your loved ones that you love them. Just go tell them and rejoice in their smiles.

Also tell them now much you appreciate they being in your live and all the little things they do for you. Those are the flowers that will brighten anyone’s day.

And every now and then, for no reason, buy them some flowers too! :)