The Perks of Going Out

Went for a walk yesterday. 

Actually, I went to my closest Tim Horton’s to use the wi fi cause I wanted to answer emails and other stuff from my laptop computer. 

You know stuff that is a royal pain in the arse to do from the phone. 

I almost got heat exhaustion just from the short walk but the place is air-conditioned and I had plenty of water with me so that ended well. 

Saw some pretty flowers onu way back. 

I love flowers so I am going to share them with you because pretty.

They’re two small trees, side by side, on my street and they are both full of pretty flowers. 

So there!

I hope they make you smile like they did to me

Edit: oops I guess I better add a title too




Sometimes, I hate my body.

Sometimes, I feel cheated.

Sometimes, I think it’s really cruel to give someone SO much passion for life and then give them such a crappy, fragile, easily-breakable, sick body.

I’m thinking about this old joke about Colombia.  It goes like this:

God is making the plans for the creation.  St Peter is sitting in front of him, notepad and pen in hand, taking notes.   God says: OK, Colombia… hmmm, give them two oceans.  Give them all climate zones.  Give them a great diversity of fauna & flora. Give them a great variety of cattle, grains and anything edible. Give them oodles of gold & emeralds. Give them the best coffee in the world.  Give them… At this point, St Peter – a bit concerned, interjects, but Lord, isn’t that too much for one single country?

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