All in a day

Yesterday was one of those days.  

Well, to tell you the truth, it started with the day before yesterday. 

I went to the Humane Society to see two found tabbies that could potentially be Satchie. 

No dice. 

One wasn’t… the other one had already been euthanized. 

Came home and cried a fair bit. Of course. 

Then yesterday another tabby showed up on the HS’s website. And by George, she looked like my darling tornado!

Well friends, it wasn’t Satchie.

So close, though. She was very affectionate and looked so much like Satchie I had a hard time convincing myself that it wasn’t even after all the evidence. 

We spent some 40 minutes trying to figure out if she was or not. The technician was very understanding and even called a more experienced one to handle the kitty so at least we could see if it was a boy or a girl cause the info wasn’t in the chart . It was indeed a girl! Heart thumping hard!

She had the same soft fur, very similar markings, and she was so comfortable with me it was easy to pretend she was the little pest. 

In the end, and thanks to the million pictures of Satchie I have in my phone, we were able to see that this sweet girl has some circular markings on the left side of her face that Satchie doesn’t have.

She is also more on the brown side while Satchie’s coat on the back and legs is more on the silver side. 

I wanted her to be Satchie so much it was like I was willing her to be. 

Alas, it was not to be.

Now I fear for that sweet girl. It looks like her tail is broken. I hope she is deemed adoptable because she has so much love to give. It’d be a shame if she ends up being euthanized. 

At this point I was trying hard to hold the tears back as I sill had some business to do at the shelter. I went back to the other side to pick up this little beauty

Her name is Munchkin and I’ll be fostering her for the next few weeks. She is 8-9 weeks old and on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection so I have to be careful to protect Jay and miss Kaylee. 

Munchkin is absolutely adorable and very brave too. She purred all the way home, perched on my shoulder.

She’s faring quite well, though. Eating well, drinking plenty of water and using the litterbox just fine. 

I told her she was NOT allowed to steal my heart! 

But this is how we woke up this morning  

How am I supposed to deal with THAT??!!! 

So the day ended up on a high note. The was some crying still but a lots of smiling and even some laughing at little Munchkin’s antics. 

Now if you excuse me, I have to go cause she’s currently trying to nurse from my right earlobe…


Life goes on

The last few days came and went by in a heartbeat.

I watched The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday and a movie (Total Recall, if you must know) at home on Friday. I played with the kitties. I slept a lot. I listened to music. I taught Lindy Hop on Saturday and Balboa on Sunday. I DJ’ed at Saturday Night Swing.  Only thing I didn’t have time for was drawing and I really miss it.

But most of all, I did a lot of thinking.

For a while, it seemed like I was at the edge of the cliff. That any minute now I was going to lose my footing and fall into that dark pit depression is.

But I didn’t.

I’m still terribly worried about my son, of course.

But I can still enjoy the little things. I can still be overwhelmed by that hydrogen bomb of cuteness little Satchie is.

I adore that little runt

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Hearbreaking news

Ah crap. Little Zoé didn’t make it :(

Well, excuse me while I compose myself….

But in the meant time, Zoé’s human could use a little help to pay the bills…

All That JazzCat!

I write this post with a heavy heart.  I can’t really type much so I am just going to paste the email message here.

HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: I received the phone call I did not want to get and this is difficult for me to write… I am saddened to report that Zoé did not survive her ordeal and passed away on June 26th 2012 at the Hôpital Vétérinaire Rive-Sud in Brossard, Quebec. Though the adorable feline led a courageous fight against her sickness, her condition took a turn for the worse and the medical team advised Chantal, her human adoptive mother, that it was time to say good-bye. .. I’m so sorry to have to bring these sad news to all of you who have been so encouraging to Zoé and Chantal. We have been moved by your kind words and prayers. Chantal’s devotion to her kitten is a touching lesson…

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