A Lovely Letter

A much anticipated letter finally arrived today!


And what a lovely, lovely letter!

Now, if you’re not already following the wonderful elf whisperer,  skinnydog wrangler, campervan tootler Ziggy Shortcrust, I have to tell you, you’re seriously missing out. Hop over to her blog immediately after you’re done reading my post and do so. And then, everything will be good with the universe again.

You see, Ziggy has a wonderful project. And she wants you to help with it!

She  has decided to write a letter a day throughout 2013. But the best part is that more than just words, it will be an illustrated letter in that fascinating Ziggy style.

Isn’t that wonderful? I am very much a 21th century girl (despite being born in the previous one) but I do love getting letters in the mail and I do miss writing.

Read more about the Illustrated Letters project. And if you want to get one of those in the mail, all you have to do is email her your postal address to ziggy dot shortcrust at gmail dot com.

I’m thinking that maybe Little Sister Knows and Big Sister Knows More would like that?

I want to thank Lunch Sketch for introducing me to Ziggy. I learned about this project when his daughter received her illustrated letter.

Now, I’m off to write my reply to Ziggy…