Happy Holi

I have black friends that I deeply love. I have brown friends that I deeply love. I have white friends that I deeply love.

I have straight friends that I deeply love. I have a gay friends that I deeply love. I have bisexual friends that I deeply love.

I have very Catholic friends that I deeply love. I have very atheists friends that I deeply love. I have Muslim friends that I deeply love. I could go on naming every single religion but I think you get my drift.

I have male friends that I deeply love. I have very female friends that I deeply love. I have gender-fluid friends that I deeply love. I do not – however- have the privilege to count any transgender person as my friends. This is sad.

This is not a hypothetical exercise. Or a cheesy attempt to ingratiate myself with any given demographic.

But the fact that I feel compelled to say it is very telling of the state of the world.

I do have friends from all creeds and ways of life. I don’t choose my friends according to their religion – or lack thereof – the way they look or how they see themselves. I choose my friends according to the way they treat others and the world we live in.

Being religious or atheist or straight or gay or black or brown or white has nothing to do with the quality and the stature of your being. Being religious or atheist or straight or gay or black or brown or white does not protect you or shield you from assholeness or intolerance. Being religious or atheist or straight or gay or black or brown or white does not make you instantly tolerant or compassionate.

Do not fall into the trap of believing yourself above flaw and above others because of your beliefs, your skin colour or your gender orientation. They do not make you better than the rest of the world.

Your actions, the way you treat others – animals included-, what you are doing in order to leave a better world for future generations than the one you were handed. That is what makes you a better person. That is what raises you from the mud.
Today, on the celebration of Holi, I want to take a moment to wish you all love, understanding and tolerance.

The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which comes in February end or early March. Holi festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’. The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renew sweet relationships. On this day, people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’.

From holifestival.org

We are all one with the world. Our actions shape our reality. It is in our hands to change the way things work.

Happy Holi!

Let the colours shower joy over you.

PS: Also, my thoughts are with the survivors of the bombing in Brussels and their families as well as with the families of those who died. As they are with the people in Turkey, Syria, and South Sudan

PPS: I meant to make a pretty graphic but Illustrator keeps crashing on me. After two hours, I have come to the conclusion that the message is more important than the image so this post is going live with photo instead. Proper (I hope) credit is given . I may or may not add a graphic later, if I can convince both my laptop and Illustrator to grow the eff up and play nice with each other.

Diamond Heart, Hard but Fragile

Warning: Sad post ahead.

I had the intention of keeping it to myself but I am so sad and discouraged!

It was bad enough to lose my Satchie when I moved to Windsor.

But then Mama Cat came into my life and despite all the soap opera drama with the neighbours, she brought me much happiness.

First, she impressed me with her motherhood skills.

Then she gave me such an unexpected gift when she decided to stick around and adopt me even after all her babies were gone to good homes.

She made me laugh with her crazy silly antics and she stole my heart with her affection and her altogether sweet disposition.

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Healing by Purrs

A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any medicine in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.- Author unknown

This quote usually -but most likely erroneously, attributed to Francis of Assisi, fully exemplifies my day yesterday.

I spent the whole day with Jay by my side, with a healthy sprinkling of kneading, purring and headbutts by my new friend, sweet miss Patches.

Meet miss Patches

Meet miss Patches

I didn’t go out at all. Which makes me feel guilty because I didn’t go looking for Satchie. But on the other hand, today I am in a lot less pain, which is always nice. My body needed the break, for sure.

But most of all, I am in a much better state of mind today. Being reunited with Jay has made a huge difference. Even if he had to go through the stress of being in yet another brand new place, the third one in the same week. I hate putting him through all this but I would like to think that being with me also helps him. He’s starting to settle by now and I love to hear his heartwarming cooing every time I touch him or call out his name.

I am still worried, of course. I am still heartbroken and my heart won’t heal until I have Satchie again with me. I am still anxious about not having secured a place for January 1st. I am still angry that I will have to spend the holidays alone because of some stupid Border agent.

But I now know that this too shall pass and that eventually things will be okay.

Yeah, yeah, you were all right. You all knew I would. Even I knew I would.

Damn. I’m too stubborn to give up even when I try to convince myself that I do want to give up. I hate it but there’s nothing I can do. Millions of years of evolution hang heavily on me. We are all wired to survive no matter the pain.

But… dude!

Purring kitties.

That’s where it’s at!

Oh, and coffee. Let’s not forget coffee. Thanks to my current host for welcoming me with a cup of coffee and to the fiance for bringing me some of that good old Colombian magic beans!

FAQs Re: Windsor and Satchie

I decided to write this FAQs because I keep being asked the same questions by well-meaning people.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being snarky. Or having rock star delusions. I am simply under severe stress and just one step away from doing that thing that makes people uncomfortable when spoken out loud. So if you asked and I gave you a link to this post as an answer, please don’t take it personal.

FAQs about Claudia being in Windsor, ON

Q: Why did you move to Windsor? Or its most common variant, why would you leave beautiful Ottawa to come to Windsor of all places?

A: For love. My fiance lives in Lansing, MI. The commute from Lansing to Ottawa is too long and too difficult when you struggle with anxiety and/or panic attacks. Windsor is as close as I can be to Lansing without leaving Canada.

Q: Why did you come to Windsor without first having found an apartment? 

A: Because I actually had a plan which was not by any stretch of the imagination, being stranded in Windsor. When it became obvious I wouldn’t have a place for December 1st (having to vacate my Ottawa place on November 30th), I decided to put everything in storage in Windsor, and then continue to Lansing. The initial plan was to come to Windsor, get settled at the new place, stay here for a week or two and THEN head to Lansing to spend the Holidays with the fiance and the Sidlets. Going straight to Lansing on the same day wasn’t too much of a deviation of the plan anyway, so that’s what we did.

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Good Morning World

Last night, I cry myself to sleep. I was pinteresting and there was this pin on my feed, about animal cruelty. A monster had nailed a sweet little angel cat to a fence. Just writing about it makes my insides churn and I can feel the tears coming back.

And then I wake up today and this what I see. The scene took my breath away. The picture hardly does any justice to the landscape. The sunshine on the grass and on the leaves giving everything a lovely golden touch… the bright autumn colours… the blue sky…


My view as I sip my delicious Colombian coffee

I hear the sound of the running water, the adorable goofy honking of the geese, the chirping of little birds, the music of our little wind chime.

I know life is difficult. For some more than others but everybody, nonetheless.

I know I am blessed. Lucky till no end. I have love. I am safe.

My heart still weeps for those who are suffering, furry and non-furry alike. My body still burns with wrath for the all injustice, the cruelty, the ugliness of this world.

But there is a soothing calm in my soul.

I will continue to bathe in the peacefulness of my surroundings, allowing myself to grow stronger so I can be the change I wish to see in the world

It’s The Little [Leftie] Things

Yesterday, I got a very awesome surprise gift from my very awesome fiance that made me super happy. Here it is, in all its glory:

Leftie Scissors

You may wonder why a pair of scissors is such a big deal for me. But when you’ve spent all of your leftie life cutting things with right-handed scissors, you would know. I just wanted to sit and cry, so happy I was! What a thing. You righties have no idea how aggravating it is for us lefties to live in a right-handed world Continue reading

Musings on religion and errata

The day before yesterday, I saw this meme on FB and me, being me, I immediately shared it with the following caption:


Please do the rest of mankind a favour and do it


Today, I revisited my post cause it was in the back of my head, bugging me. It was bugging me and I didn’t know why until – too late, I realized in horror that I was actually telling people to go kill themselves. But instead of deleting my post, I thought it better to acknowledge my erratum in hope of keeping the conversation going. Because, it is important to admit that one does make mistakes every now and then, righ?

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Miracle Of Miracles

To my darling dandelion soup

But of all God’s miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all 
Is the one I thought could never be: 
God has given you to me.


What a miracle/wonder/blessing/lucky strike/[insert your favourite belief here] to have found each other. And I sure adore you, my wonderful geeky fiancé.


PS: Think we should thank WordPress for bringing us together?