My Darling Poutine

a.k.a North America and its Terms of endearment or North America’s Fascination With Food, Specially Of The Sweet Variety.

As we all immigrants know, it is very common to be baffled when faced with learning how to live and behave in a brand new society with a brand new culture, so different for that we come from.

New rules, new conventions, which are made more difficult to comprehend when our new home also includes learning a different language*.

Cultural differences make for some really frustrating and upsetting experiences but also for some hilarious moments.

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There were some good times too

With all the bad news, I totally forgot to say that there were great moments during the holidays too. And that’s never a good thingmcause I rarely lose sight of the little [big] things. Besides, it is rather uncharacteristic of me not to make a big fuss about presents and food, and presents, and snow, and presents and parties, and presents and stuff, you know?

So, fret not cause here it is, [cue fanfare] my much belated Christmas/New Years Eve post!!!*

Let’s start with Sid’s surprise birthday party:

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Me, the hypocritical bitch

So this was me, in 2011.

Holy cow, was I ever feeling particularly bitter that day.

Clearly I needed to get laid er, some chocolate. Yes. Chocolate. At least that my story and I am sticking to it.

But seriously, though, What’s with the hate? Jeez, SSG, just chillax.

I’ve mentioned before that 2010 was a great year for me. I had expected 2011 to be even better but as it turned out it all all downhill from there. And the trend continued for 2012 and 2013.

If you’ve read any of my most recent posts, 2014 didn’t exactly start with the right foot… except for one HUGE thing. Which, unbelievable enough, has its roots in 2013.

So I found myself thinking yesterday afternoon – for reasons that will become very apparent in the near future but I am not to spoil the fun, and I realized Valentine’s, which I had not thought of in a long time, is coming up soon. Even more, that the situation is completely reversed this year.

Which is incredible in many ways. For many reasons.

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Earth calling the SSG


I know you’ve been holding your breath waiting anxiously to hear from me since my last post. Sorry it took me so long but the internet connection is wonky here at Cloud 9 and the roaming rates are just ludicrous.

As it turns out, there is poutine, ice cream, dinosaurs, padlocks, zip lining and lovely walks in heaven. Plenty of squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese and gulls too. Oh, and beer tasting. Yeah.

I will be back on Earth this Sunday *Sad Puppy face* but in the mean time, let me tell you, being this happy is beyond awesome. I highly recommend it!

In other news, my Tumblr blog turned 3 this week. Check it out. I may be biased but I think it’s kinda cool.

Summer Solstice Girl turned 3 today!


Hope you all are having a great summer. I’ll try to get up to speed with your lovely blogs some time next week.

Miss you all!


It’s never been a secret that I love.

I love many things, with great passion.

I love dancing.

I love music.

I love animals.

I love flowers.

I love bright colours.

I love rainbows.

I love rainy days.

I love water.

I love books.

I love cake.

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You live

You love,  you hate

You laugh, you cry

You are happy, you are sad

You give, you receive.

You win, you lose

You worry all the while

You get drunk

You sober up

You suck the marrow of life

You make mistakes

You apologize

You learn to keep your head up

You learn from your mistakes

You learn from other people’s mistakes

You learn that life can only be lived as you walk on

You are wronged

You learn to live with it

You learn to carry on

You sing and dance

You feel joy and you feel pain

You get wrinkles and grey hairs

You grow up, you grow old

You grow wise and you grow tired

And then you learn to love again

And in the end, you learn that the most important lesson you will ever learn is to learn how to let go

A Tribute To My Daughter

Not all my blog posts are tributes. I promise.  This is just a coincidence.

But the thing is, my daughter turned 24 yesterday.  In itself, it’s not really any kind of milestone.  It’s not the Sweet 16 or a quarter of a century but since last night I couldn’t sleep (the Clown‘s fault) I was reflecting on how wonderful my daughter is.  For the record, I do think that both my kids are wonderful but this particular post is about my daughter.

Warning: it gets very cheesy from here on.  It you despise cheesy, I recommend you stop reading right now.

My daughter is an amazing young woman.   Ha! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe her.  At 24, she’s one of the top swing dancers in Canada.  She has so many medals, trophies and plaques, that our team members actually got her a trophy as an award for being awarded the most trophies ever.  Our team members have a very particular sense of humour.

One day, we got to the studio and we found our board changed into this!


But back to my daughter.  Not only she’s  a very accomplished dancer but also an award-winning choreographer and a great DJ.  She’s constantly invited to teach, judge and deejay at international events.

She’s also a badass business woman.  She was born an entrepreneur.   At the age of 6, she asked me if I could buy her a bag of assorted buttons and beads which she promptly proceeded to sell to her friends and classmates.  She invested the earnings in more buttons and beads and from that point on, she always had her own pocket money.  That year, she gave me the first ever present bought with her own money and man, was she ever proud of that.  Such a bright smile on her little, adorable face.

This is the present. The keychain ring is long gone

This is what she wrote inside: Mom, I just wanted to say I love you. Thanks for everything. Love you tons, Natalia

At 9 she moved on to friendship bracelets and by 12,  she had her own line of jewelry.  She also designed and made stationary and greeting cards that were very popular among her classmates.  As Swing Dynamite’s Artistic Director, she’s in charge of contracts and has made it possible for us to perform at places like the National Arts Centre, pretty much all the museums in town, the Fallsview casino… the list goes on.

On top of that, she sings beautifully and won several singing contests back when we lived in Colombia.  She also paints and does all sorts of artsy things.  She’s also in charge of costumes for all our teams and she manages to make everybody look like a million dollars on a budget.  It’s like the well of her talents is bottomless.

She’s so responsible too.  I remember when she first came to Canada.  She turned 17 shortly after arriving and I was a bit worried that she might be a somewhat overwhelmed by the whole immigrant thing.  After all, she had left life-long friends and family behind.  One Friday, we were hanging out in the living room and my son asked her about a party one of her classmates was throwing at his place.  I immediately started to encourage her to go.   I said something to the effect of “you’re young, you should be out having fun with people your age instead of watching TV with me”.  She looked at me and very calmly replied: “All they do at those parties is get drunk and/or get stoned.  I don’t like to do either so what’s the point of me going?.  I managed a smile (cause really, what do you say to that?).  And then I thought to myself, I think I manage to do a good job as a mother, after all.

And if all that mind-blowing-ness wasn’t enough, she’s drop dead gorgeous


 And fun

However, don’t cross her, she can also get vicious if needed

 But most importantly and above of all, she has a heart of gold.  She’s a very caring, loving person, the kind that will always go the extra mile to help a friend in need.  She’s also the best daughter a mother can have.  Hands down!  We’re best friends.  We’re pals.  We’re partners in crime.  We take care of each other and we have a lot of fun while we’re at it.

So, beautiful daughter of mine, this is a tribute to you.  Never was there a mother more proud of her daughter than me.  I just wish my mother could have had the chance to see you being born, to see you grow up, to witness what a wonderful young woman you’ve become.  She would be very proud too!

I, the one who loves you

What am I, you ask?

I’m your friend, I’m your lover
I’m your partner in crime.

I’m your fairy tale princess,
I’m your hardheaded gal.

I’m your private dancer,
I’m your biggest fan.

The one who’ll laugh with you
or cry, when adversity strikes.

A fellow hiker on a golden Autumn day
or a swimmer under the moonlight of a warm summer night.

An avid debater should the occasion arise
or just a quiet companion in the evening, by the fire.

I’m the one who”ll walk by your side
hand in hand, no matter what.

The one who reinvents herself through the years,
when things go wrong, when things go right.

Close or far away,
no distance can change that.

All of this, that’s what I am.
But in the end, know that it is just
I, the one who loves you
now and ever, till the end of time