3rd North 

It is sad day when you have to go to the hospital in order to feel safe.

Always the geek, I can’t help but notice geometric patterns. Or any pattern, for that matter. That’s the floor at the ER, by the way.

Yep, back in the mental unit.

Such an irony.

They bully stays out while the bullied is the one being committed

*3rd North is where the Mental Health Unit is located at the hospital in Windsor. Funny, in Ottawa, it was the 4th North. Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with anything but my brain is always noticing patterns.

Damn You Stigma

In case you are out of the loop, I am currently at the hospital. Been here for almost two weeks now

But not just any hospital.

I’m at the 4 North Mental Health Unit of The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus.

Yes, that’s right. I am in a physch ward.

Now, there was a time when I would rather have died than let people know I had a mental illness. THAT’S THE STIGMA.

I would have not voluntarily gone to a hospital to admit myself . THAT’S THE STIGMA.

If hospitalized, I would have lied about the cause of my hospitalization. THAT’S THE STIGMA.

Well, I know better now. I know there is no shame in having a mental illness. I know that admitting my mental illness(es) sometimes get out of control is a brave thing. I know that reaching out for support when I need it, is not only good great but that is actually the RIGHT thing to do.

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