Morning Trek

It is ten after eight on Friday morning and we just got in the car*. I’m feeling very proud of myself because I almost forgot my walking stick but I remembered it just as I was heading to the door.

Wait! I say to Sid.

I forgot my combadge. We can’t go on a trek without the combadge. What if we need to be beamed up? Besides, I forgot my water bottle too.

You know, just your regular trying to get out of the house with ADHD me.

So Sid asks where the combadge is and gets out of the car to go get it, along with the water bottle.

I’m sitting in the car when I remember something else so I get out, leave the car running and unattended and rush inside. Continue reading

Museum-ing in Lansingland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Summer Solstice Girl when visiting a new city must be in want of a museum. And a zoo.

So, museum-ing*** I went.

First, Sidlet #2, Sid and I went to the Potter Park Zoo. Sidlet #1 is not too much into zoos so she stayed home and did homework instead.

Then, the four of us went to the Michigan Historical Museum where I learned about well… the history of Michigan.

Lastly, we made the 1.5hr trek to Grand Rapids, where I had a two-fold mission. First, to meet with the people from the Global Center* for Advanced Studies and second, visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Because, DINOSAURS**, yo!


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* Ugh, the American spelling is so alien to me.

** However, Sid already posted enough dinosaur photos -and mine are not all that good anyway, so I am only posting family ones here. Go to his blog and enjoy his Dinosaur Unearthed post.

*** I didn’t visit all the museums in the area because I was too busy being lazy on the weekends but Sid, the Sidlets and I did get to go to a few.