It comes out of nowhere

My latest post on Canvas.

I’ll add a note here saying that this message is not a rant against social networks in general or Facebook in particular. It seems like the sole mention of FB is enough to generate strong anti-FB feelings. Not my intention. I don’t have any beef again FB. I very much appreciate that it allows me to be in touch with my family in Colombia and my friends all over the world (Turkey, France, Spain, USA, Argentina, Italy, etc). In fact, I would even dare to say I like FB.

As for some FB statuses being the proverbial straw, that was just a fluke. It could have been personal comment (yeah, in real life) which I often get as well.

This year, I’m prepared

For Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), that is.

Last year, it took me by surprise.

But this year, I ordered the materials last month and I got them yesterday.  Posters, brochures, bookmarks and wristbands.

I have them on display at the studio now.  Some of my fellow team members work in the health field so they took a bunch of them to display at their workplaces too. Continue reading

It’s all in your head

Ah, how many times this was said to me.  Even by doctors.  Once even by a psychiatrist. MDs that are also professors at Medicine faculties tend to be some of the most obnoxious, least sympathetic people in the world.  The judge the hardest. The discriminate the hardest. They think you either read the symptoms in your textbook and just want to get out of an exam or assignment.  Or that you are just plain lazy and are trying to avoid working. Continue reading