Impossible Musings

I recently finished a series called The Atlantis Gene. Overall, a good read. The first book was excellent. The second was good. The third drove me up the wall.

The author’s favourite word: Impossible. He has every character in the book say it every other page. By the time I got to the third book, I was ready to take said book and hit him in the head with it.

I can understand one character having a crush with a word. Hell, if you have been following me for a while, you know I have a long time affair with the word awesome. To me, everything is awesome. Good luck reading that last sentence and not getting stuck the the earworm song from the Lego movie. You’re welcome.

But most, if not all, characters in the book? Including all the aliens? Please.

All impossible means is that you don’t know how to do it.
That’s it. Or that no one has done it yet. Which effectively means you don’t know how to do it.

Every single thing humankind has done so far was impossible until someone did it. That is why we have the Guinness World Record thingy.

In fact, the best way to get something done, is to tell a nerd that it is impossible. See how long it takes them to achieve it.

So yeah. As I am sure you all have inferred by now, saying something is impossible is one of my pet peeves.

When people say impossible, what they really mean is “highly improbable”. Or “not feasible at the moment”. If you understand probability law, you know that the odds of something happening may be tiny, tiny. But there is always a chance, however small, that it will happen.

On the other hand, I suppose once could say there is always the chance, however small of something never happening. I’ll leave that one to the mathematicians. 

So, there.