Finally Spilling the Beans

You may have heard me or The Fiancé drop the Geek Squared Art phrase around here, FB and/or Twitter. I even mentioned I so wanted to tell you about the big news.

Well, here it is:


Geek² Art Logo

To quote The Fiancé (a.k.a. Geek Boy or The Other Half of Geek²):

Claudia and I are starting a new venture, probing our creative sides and calling it Geek Squared Art. It being Claudia, of course we have a web page AND a facebook page Geek Squared Art). We’re in the early stages of things, so you can expect much more in the coming weeks. Thanks for popping over and liking the page – hint, hint..

We also have a Twitter account: @Geek2Art (pronounced Geek-squared-Art* and not Geek-two-Art).

So, yeah. We’re a small, local, family-operated business now. It doesn’t get any more grassroots than that. How hipster-ish of us. However, I don’t think Geek Boy is losing 40 lbs and growing a beard any time soon. Geek Girl was donning scarves & hats way before the Hipster movement so I don’t know if that counts… um, yeah… The Fiancé is not the only UnFocused geek here.

Okay. Geek² Art (or Geek Squared Art, whichever you prefer). We  will be selling arts & crafts handmade by yours truly and photographs taken by The UnFocused Fiancé.

We expect to sell LOTS of those so we can get on with our dream of opening a Cat Sanctuary.

Now, if you please, hop over to the Geek² Art website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Subscribe, like or follow us if you feel so inclined.  But most importantly, get your wallets ready because we’ll be opening our Etsy shop pretty soon.

Just kidding.

About the getting your wallets ready part. Not about the Etsy shop part. But you know, X-mas season is just around the corner….


* Silly  Twitter won’t allow the use of superscripts

Museum-ing in Lansingland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Summer Solstice Girl when visiting a new city must be in want of a museum. And a zoo.

So, museum-ing*** I went.

First, Sidlet #2, Sid and I went to the Potter Park Zoo. Sidlet #1 is not too much into zoos so she stayed home and did homework instead.

Then, the four of us went to the Michigan Historical Museum where I learned about well… the history of Michigan.

Lastly, we made the 1.5hr trek to Grand Rapids, where I had a two-fold mission. First, to meet with the people from the Global Center* for Advanced Studies and second, visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Because, DINOSAURS**, yo!


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* Ugh, the American spelling is so alien to me.

** However, Sid already posted enough dinosaur photos -and mine are not all that good anyway, so I am only posting family ones here. Go to his blog and enjoy his Dinosaur Unearthed post.

*** I didn’t visit all the museums in the area because I was too busy being lazy on the weekends but Sid, the Sidlets and I did get to go to a few.


Braggin’ Mamma

I feel like bragging today.

Too much momma pride to let it pass. Besides, let’s face it. We ALL know who she got the looks from, right?


Here she is in all her glory:

Glamour in the 30's

Glamour in the 30’s

She a total quadruple threat. She’s got the brains, she’s got the looks, she’s got the talent. She sings, she dances, she choreographs. In fact, she’s won many awards in all those three areas. And she’s an accomplished businesswoman! Click on the picture to see the rest of the photo shoot.

And now, champagne*!

Or a Muppets video to make you smile :)


* Another 20 extra brownie points if you got the movie reference

Umbrellas & Rainbows

A couple months ago I went to this great restaurant in Saint-Sauveur, QC.

The ceiling had a number of skylights which created an almost magical atmosphere. It was like slipping down the rabbit hole. There were rainbows everywhere!

I had fun taking pictures… only to let them sit for a long time.

But today, I finally got around doing some editing -mostly cropping and adding a watermark.  No filters applied.

So here they are. And fancy that, I was wearing the perfect shoes for it too!

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Umbrellas & Rainbows

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

I went to Montreal to celebrate my birthday. It was Zack’s birthday on Thursday  –  You know, he of The Jazz Monkey fame, N’s Balboa partner at CSC and organizer of the dances at the Rialto.  Thus, we thought celebrating our birthdays together was a good idea.

The adventure started on Thursday early afternoon with a haircut. Then we headed to Montreal for the Rialto Swings LIVE!

Zack, Natalia and I doing birthday shots

Zack, Natalia and I doing birthday shots

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I’m a 40’s movie star (or something)

When I came home last night, I was so pumped up I decided to play a little with my super awesome iPhone 5.

When I’m feeling playful, silliness ensues. Here’s the result:


I have to say I love my hair. I am quite aware I’m very lucky. That’s how it looks without using a blow dyer, curler iron or rolls. Nothing. I just wash it and let it air-dry. The waves come naturally.

So, that’s about it. Thank you for indulging me in a little silliness

Dancing (and singing) in the rain

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I like rain. I also like to dance in the rain.

Dancer Tenealle Farragher photographed by Jordan Matter in Washington Heights, NYC

Dancer Tenealle Farragher photographed by Jordan Matter in Washington Heights, NYC

The above photography is from the book Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter Photography. There’s a little bit of a funny story (OK, not really funny but there is a story) about the photo, though. The actual photograph does not have the caption. Someone alerted the artist about it being circulated without the proper credit.

The following paragraph is from Jordan Matter Photography Facebook page:

This image of Tenealle Farragher was making its way around the internet uncredited until someone alerted me. And a good thing they did! When I contacted Dance World (a dance store in Dublin, Ireland) and asked them to credit us on their Facebook post, they did even better than that- they ordered 100 copies of my Dancers Among Us book!

I’m happy Mr, Matter is getting his due credit. I can only imagine how beautiful the photographs must look in the book. And of course, I am happy there’s a book about about dancers. Furthermore, I’m thrilled two swingdancers are also featured in the book.

That’s how I heard of it, actually. Because NYC Lindy Hopper Evita Arce posted this picture on her Facebook wall:

Evita Arce & Michael Jagger

Lindy Hoppers Evita Arce & Michael Jagger photographed by Jordan Matter

As Mr Matter puts it:

Even after all the posts and articles, there are still over 50 NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos in my Dancers Among Us book, like this one of international Lindy hop stars Michael Jagger and Evita Arce. There are many more gems that you won’t find anywhere online, so what are you waiting for? Dancers Among Us is the perfect last minute holiday gift!

Here’s a favourite of mine: A cabaret piece by the best female Lindy Hoppers in North America – including my daughter and Evita Arce, that was part of Followlogie 2011.  Don’t think it’s just motherly pride when I say my daughter is the prettiest of all ;)

Followlogie is an annual weekend event for women* only (know in the Lindy Hop world as follows, thus the name) where we gather to learn from the best female dancers all the secrets of the trade. There are workshops, panels, dances, competitions** and a big show on Saturday night. The video was part of the show.


* Or men who dance as follows

** I competed with the Dynamite Girls that year and we placed third :)

What would you take with you?

If you were committed to a psychiatric institution, unsure if you’d ever return to the life you knew before, what would you take with you?

This is how the Collector’s Weekly’s article called Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients starts. A very provocative question indeed.

In this era, I think most people would pack a smartphone, a laptop, a notebook, a couple of pens. Toiletries. A book or two (or a kindle).

Take a look into the past through the looking glass of this interesting article and see what people brought with them from the turn of the century till the closing of the asylum in the mid-90’s. Beautiful head dresses. Fancy shoes. Leather-working tools. Neddlework tools. Expensive perfume bottles from Paris.

Anna’s suitcase. Love the shoes. I have a similar pair but in offwhite

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