The PHD Movie: Coming To Campuses Everywhere This Fall

PHD Movie Trailer from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

Oh. Em. Gee

It is no secret that I heart PhD comics (Piled higher and Deeper, a grad student comic strip). Got hooked back in my days of a PhD candidate and I still read them religiously. It’s quite the bittersweet experience. One could argue it is even a VERY unhealthy love/hate relationship. While it cracks me up still – mainly because I lived all that and I know very well how true it is, it is also a painful reminder of the life I was forced to leave behind.  Kinda like adding salt to a fresh wound.

Bitter-sweetness notwithstanding, I almost fell off the bed when I saw Jorge Cham’s link on my Facebook newsfeed! 


And while I don’t know about the casting – Cecilia and Mike don’t look at all like their comics counterparts (Professor Smith is spot on, though), I still can’t wait to see the movie.

One more reason to look forward to the Fall :)