Pain, my old friend

Pain shoots through my every vein

Pain my old friend, my bane.


Of my body

each cell you saturate

and every fibre of my soul,

as well.


Wrecked vessel so shoddy

perfect companion for pain,

my body is.


And my soul, what of it?

Nothing but another channel

for my old friend to exist.


Frida Khalo’s La Columna Rota (The Broken Spine)


“I hope the exit is joyful — and I hope never to return — Frida”.

In The Still of The Night

Want to sleep but can’t.
Want to close my eyes and dream.
In the still of the night I wonder…
Is he the one for me?
How many nights I’ve longed
for a kiss, a sweet embrace.
Deep breathing, soft caresses,
the warmth of a loving face.
Awake at night I hunger
dawn comes and there’s no relief.
In the still of the night I wonder…
will he come to me?
Alone during the day I walk
alone and lonely still
fluttering hearts desire
touching fingertips
In the still of the night I wonder…
Is there a man for me?