There were some good times too

With all the bad news, I totally forgot to say that there were great moments during the holidays too. And that’s never a good thingmcause I rarely lose sight of the little [big] things. Besides, it is rather uncharacteristic of me not to make a big fuss about presents and food, and presents, and snow, and presents and parties, and presents and stuff, you know?

So, fret not cause here it is, [cue fanfare] my much belated Christmas/New Years Eve post!!!*

Let’s start with Sid’s surprise birthday party:

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And then, it was like Christmas all over again

My daughter is back from Colombia.

And she came bearing presents!


A Juan Valdez® café bag from my sister and aunt… this looks promising :)



Coffee, of course!


Chocolate-covered coffee beans and coffee mini-meringues


My favourite type of bread from my favourite bakery


Coffee, anyone?

Christmas in June II


I didn’t end up there.

I also got a few DJing gadgets.

My DJ headphones broke last year and I spent lots of time looking for a suitable replacement that would not leave me broke too. I finally did, and even at store here in town so I decided to give myself an early birthday present.


My super cool headphones

And this USB/AUDIO Interface was not a present to myself (it is from the school) but I still got it today


Now, all I need is to transfer all my music to the new laptop and I’ll be all set for DJing again :)