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So, riddle me this: A missionary was raped and murdered while ministering in a prison in the city of Davao in the southern Philippines.

Raped. and. murdered. while. ministering. in a prison.

Let me repeat, yet again, because this is very important. This missionary entered the prison that day, as I suppose she did on many other occasions, to minister to the inmates. But that day, the inmates decided they didn’t want ministering, they wanted to fuck. So they raped the missionary and then they killed her.

But okay. That was back in 1989. And it was a hostage situation. Surely things are better now, right?

Well, guess again.

As it happens, leading Philippines presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte -who was the town major when this loathsome act happened- was caught on video joking about it.

I’m not even joking.

It wasn’t a regular Joe in the video. Not even the prison’s honcho at the time, or  a prison guard.

Oh, no.

It was the fucking leading presidential candidate.

The footage shows Mr Duterte* and his supporters making light of the assault by prison inmates in 1989 when he was town mayor.

He said the female missionary was so beautiful that “the mayor should have been first”.

Again, let me repeat, because when I read it the first time, I thought I had misread it. I thought those words couldn’t possibly be written there.

She was so beautiful that the mayor should have been first.

And then, and then, of course his supporters jumped to downplay the wretched comment.

==> Mr Duterte’s supporters however have dismissed the comments as a joke <==

As a joke, ladies and gentlemen.

A joke.

This, this is what women** have to deal with on a daily basis.

This is the rape culture that still many men and sadly many women too, still deny emphatically. They insist rape culture is not a thing. They say, women are just too uptight nowadays and forgot how to enjoy a silly joke.

Apparently Mr. Duterte “is known for his irreverent speeches and boasts of sexual conquests.” And yet a recent poll had him leading over other contenders in the presidential race.

I guess people will vote for him because much as his American counterpart, he tells it like it is?


* My gut reaction was to type “the pig” but then I immediately thought that pigs are beautiful, noble beings and that to call that thing a pig would show a great deal of disrespect to the poor, undeserving piggies.

** Yes, I know that men get raped too. And children of both genders. I don’t want to get into child sexual abuse/slavery here because that is an entirely whole different level of evilness that deserves to have its own discussion. But sadly, rape culture affects women for the most part.


THIS makes me VERY angry!!!

Guys (and some gals too), why is it that you always choose to be blind at Rape Culture?

This has to stop!

Here is Letter #322. It and the other letter are below the jump because it’s fucking creepy in there.

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