A kiss To Build The Dream On

Today, the Louis Armstrong Facebook page posted a link for one of my favourite Satchmo ballads.

It is not a secret that I love Louis Armstrong. Why, even one of my cats is named after him. As a Swing DJ, I have an extensive Armstrong collection. There’s an Armstrong song for pretty much about every situation in life. Happy songs, sad songs, playful songs, heartbreak songs, love songs, silly songs. Songs about food (his other passion), songs about the weather, songs about his home town.  You name it.

Beautiful Satchmo with his contagious smile.

Beautiful song too.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a kiss? Who hasn’t weaved romances when alone with their fancies? Louis knew the human condition very well. Continue reading

This post is for Sandee

(Sorry everyone who is not Sandee Harris. You’ll have to wait for your turn)

So, I was at the Bear Den the other day, trying to work while little Satchie was trying even harder to NOT let me work.

I had many tabs open, Facebook being the one I was looking at when Satchie landed for the twenty-first time on my keyboard and THIS HAPPENED

How on earth?

  The Bear is my witness.  We still don’t know how the hell that happened

Now, it’s like this, little Britches

This past Saturday marked my return to Saturday Night Swing.  After a long hiatus from Swing Dynamite’s dances due to -mainly, my injured ankle, I was back both as the manager for the night and as a DJ in the Vintage room.

I Deejay-ed from 9:30 to midnight at which point Jean Francois Harbour took over the turntables.  My ankle felt strong enough and I was feeling rather adventurous so I decided to take a chance at some dancing.  I asked my friend and frequent aerials partner Dave Anderson to dance with me.  And much to my delight – and to the surprise of the other dancers when they heard me squee, The Bare Necessities started to pour out of the speakers.  Dave didn’t understand what was going on.  I told him my excitement came from the song being played and he asked what was the name of the song and why was it so exciting.  Apparently he has never watched The Jungle Book.  I let it go.  Trying to explain why the movie is so amazing – for starters, and why this old favourite of mine has come to have an added, even more wonderful meaning was too much at the moment. There will be some other time for explanations.

Besides, the song was being played in all its playful goodness.  Why waste any time talking when we could be dancing?

And danced we did!

Needless to say, I had the most wonderful time.  

As soon as it was over I ran (I know, rather irresponsible of me considering how accident-prone I am) to the DJ booth to thank JF for playing the song.  He told me – and this is awesome, that he got it because he saw that Louis Armstrong video I had posted on FB a few weeks back.  

The circle was completed.

I only wish the Bear would have been there to witness it.  I know he would’ve got a kick out of it.

The clip from the movie

The clip that prompted JF to buy the song and play it last Saturday