And then I shagged

All weekend long, even.

Unfortunately, there’s no photographic evidence.

You may ask yourselves then, if one shags in the forest and there’s no picture of this, did one really shag?

You’ll have to take my word for it! I was so busy shagging I didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures.

This past weekend we hosted the 7th annual Shag Explosion, a weekend dedicated to Collegiate Shag.

The event wasn’t as well attended as in previous years but it was fun and people went back home happy. And I was ecstatic because this is the first Shag Explosion in 5 years that I haven’t been injured or convalescing from major surgery. I was very rusty but it was great to practice single and double time Shag.

I also did two hours of badass acrobatic training on Saturday morning and now muscles that I had totally forgotten they existed are screaming at me in lactic acid rage. It’s awesome!

I’ll leave you with one of the very few pictures I took. It’s of my daughter and one of the NYC instructors that came for the event.


It is not everyday that you see a room full of people shagging

The weekend was very stressful, for financial and logistic reasons, but I had a great time even if I now have to pay the consequences.

Long live Shag!