Quotable Quotes by MLK

Lately, I am late with everything.

Okay, fine. I am always late with everything. In fact, the only thing I was early for was my own birthday. And the only reason I am [almost] never late with rent is because of the multiple alarms I have set on my phone. ADHD much? You all know the answer to that one.

But, I am late with reading emails of late. More than usual.

So, I just opened this one from Mashable and it gave me pause. It was about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the full article go here.

Reading like these make me angry[er]. Because after all these years, very little has changed. The lynching, maybe. But we are still fighting most of the same social justice issues.

MLK - Freedom must be demanded.jpg

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Humpday Musings

While talking to a wise friend of mine and fellow blogger, I commented with sadness “and that is precisely the tragedy of human beings. To be utterly incapable of communicating with each other.”

Even with the best of intentions, we seem incapable of getting our point across without getting angry, offended, or at the very least, misunderstood.

Life, the universe and everything have a very bizarre way of hinting things at me, I find.

All of this was brought about by three things that pretty much appeared at the same time on my FB newsfeed, one after the other. 1. An article, 2. A meme, and 3. A quote.

The article: 12 things white people can do now because Ferguson.* Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I have never had a problem with thing # 10. I’ll go ahead and put it here in case you don’t feel inclined to read the whole thing**.

10. Don’t be afraid to be unpopular.

Good Morning World

Last night, I cry myself to sleep. I was pinteresting and there was this pin on my feed, about animal cruelty. A monster had nailed a sweet little angel cat to a fence. Just writing about it makes my insides churn and I can feel the tears coming back.

And then I wake up today and this what I see. The scene took my breath away. The picture hardly does any justice to the landscape. The sunshine on the grass and on the leaves giving everything a lovely golden touch… the bright autumn colours… the blue sky…


My view as I sip my delicious Colombian coffee

I hear the sound of the running water, the adorable goofy honking of the geese, the chirping of little birds, the music of our little wind chime.

I know life is difficult. For some more than others but everybody, nonetheless.

I know I am blessed. Lucky till no end. I have love. I am safe.

My heart still weeps for those who are suffering, furry and non-furry alike. My body still burns with wrath for the all injustice, the cruelty, the ugliness of this world.

But there is a soothing calm in my soul.

I will continue to bathe in the peacefulness of my surroundings, allowing myself to grow stronger so I can be the change I wish to see in the world

SSG doesn’t understand

Posting from my phone today. Too tired to even grab my laptop.

Yesterday evening, something had me annoyed. My Twitter feed was full of people complaining about Ben Affleck being chosen as the new Batman. I kid you not. For a while, every single tweet on my feed was about it. Wish I had taken a screenshot of it.

Generally, I have a very low threshold for shallow complains like those. Last night, I was downright intolerant of it.

Normally, I would have filtered it out but I decided just to close my HootSuite tab instead.

Then this appeared on my FB feed today

Sorry Ruby, I’ll try and find the source some other time.

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The Song of the Chosen One (Part II)

The songwriter asks God.  I don’t.  Whom I (or you) ask is not important.  What’s important is that I ask.  That I don’t want to be indifferent to suffering.  To the horrors of war.  To people dying of starvation or preventable illnesses.  To torture.  To rape.

That I won’t be indifferent to people spending $2000 for a pair of shoes when that same amount of money could have saved a family in South America. That I won’t be indifferent to billions of dollars spent in weapons of mass destruction while entire communities die of AIDS in Africa. Continue reading

The Song of The Chosen One

One of the things my son told me before he left was this: “how can you be happy here in Canada when so many innocents are suffering in Colombia?”

Wait.  Let’s rewind.  I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee.  My daughter was already up and working.  As we both do, she was playing music in the background.  Vintage Jazz ballads.  We both sing away while I brew my coffee.

Then a song comes up and she says “how did this one get in there?”.  She’s talking about the playlist, of course, because what’s playing now is a protest song by Silvio Rodriguez.  The name, Canción Del Elegido. The Song Of The Chosen One.

She starts singing and I freeze. Does she not know what she’s singing? DOES SHE NOT REALIZE WHAT THE HELL SHE’S SINGING!!!!

Really.  For a very smart person, my daughter can be really clueless sometimes.

Granted, the song is outstanding.  The music is beautiful and the words are stunningly poetic even in their tragedy.  It talks about this Being who stumbles upon Earth after visiting many planets (Think Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince).  But unlike the Little Prince who decides to go back to his planet, this being chooses to stay on Earth and fight injustice, even if it means going to war.  Because War is the Peace of the Future, he figures out.

y comprendio que la guerra
era la paz del futuro
lo mas terrible se aprende enseguida
y lo hermoso nos cuesta la vida

She sings the whole song in that beautiful voice that has won her many singing contests while I remain frozen in the kitchen, goosebumped, terrified.  She never takes her eyes away from her laptop so she doesn’t notice anything.  And I just want to cry.  Scream.

And then, I hear my son’s voice again:

“How can you be happy here in Canada when so many innocents are suffering in Colombia?”