Well, I’ll be damned!

I didn’t write a post about World Suicide Prevention Day.

I did however, share both on Facebook and Twitter the Canvas of the Minds post about it and had a few public conversations on Facebook.

But now I feel like I somehow didn’t do my homework and I’m going to fail the course or something.  Especially considering that suicide -or suicide attempt, rather, is a recurrent theme in my family.

My sister.  My son.  I.

I can’t speak for the others but I know I wasn’t just trying.  I was disappointed I didn’t succeed.  However, as a sister and a mother, of course I was/am happy they didn’t succeed either.  Which is quite ironic, to say the least.  Hypocritical, even.  Most definitely selfish.

In my sister’s case, she’s mostly happy now.  She’s a mother of a wonderful little guy and she seems to enjoy life and be happy to be alive.  So that makes me feel less selfish.  I am happy for her.

In my son’s case, it’s a completely different story.  He’s a tormented young man.  He hasn’t been able to find a therapist he can trust and open up to, or a pharmacological treatment that will help him in his struggle with Mental Illness. Continue reading