An Open Letter To Ms. Leslie Jones

Dear Ms Jones,

You don’t know me. I’m just one of the countless nameless geeks and nerds of the world. I am also a woman. I am not white and I have no money.

That renders me pretty much voiceless in a world where only white males are heard; are listened to.

However I would like to write something, in the odd chance it ends up reaching you.

I was a teenager when the first Ghostbusters came out. I -like a million others- loved it. It became somewhat of a cult for me. Continue reading

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if don’t, I’ll be contributing to the stigma


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I’ve been talking all day on Facebook and Twitter. And I am not the only one.

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I’m a potato

A very heartwarming conversation with one of my dearest tweeps, Gary Champagne prompted me to write this post.

Years and years ago when I was still a teenager, I read this little article on a reader’s digest magazine. It made such an impression on me I still remember it very clearly.  It was about a woman talking about the way she prayed and how funny her prayer must sound to god.  She always prayed for god to make her a potato.  Yeah, that sounds weird all right, I though as I was reading. Then she proceeded to explain that once she had been told that some people are like eggs and some other people are like potatoes.

You see, when you boil an egg, it becomes hard.  So, following the analogy, some people, when faced with problems or disappointments become disillusioned. Life’s hardships are the equivalent of the boiling process.  Thus, that kind of people become hard, cold.  They lose hope and they don’t (or can’t) trust  anyone or anything. Some of them can’t even love. They become hard-boiled eggs.

Potatoes -on the other hand, become soft when boiled. Likewise, when faced with pain, loss and other beauties, some people come out of it soft, still malleable.  In other words, they are capable of great love, great empathy for other people’s pain, etc, etc, etc.  You get the drill.

Thus, this woman wanted to be a potato.  And so she prayed to her god.  She didn’t want to ever be so jaded, so callous, she’d be insensitive not only to other people’s pain and suffering but also to all the beauty in the world.

And not being able to appreciate the beauty of the world is one of man’s greatest tragedies.

I’m a potato.  I don’t understand how that’s possible given the circumstances of my life but I am.  I didn’t chose to be a potato either and I certainly didn’t pray for it but I’m most happy I came out that way after being boiled over and over again.

I’m a potato and I’m grateful for it.  Just as I’m grateful for my wonderful friends (tweeps and otherwise), for my family, for my cat, for having a roof over my head and food in my belly.  For being able to live in Canada and last but not least, for Twitter! :)

So there!

A new milestone in my Canadiana

Yesterday I was inducted into a great Canadian tradition:  Road Hockey!

It all started with a few tweets by Joe Boughner and soon it became the Ottawa First Road Hockey Showdown  After a failure to get a team together, I ended up joining Randy Little’s Senaleafs.  Next step: get a hold of a hockey stick, which I ended up borrowing from a friend.

I got up Saturday morning – all excited, and got dressed.  On my way there, I was feeling decidedly Canadian wearing my Senators jersey and carrying a hockey stick, pigtails and all.

I arrived to the Ottawa Goodtime Centre and was welcomed by the delicious smell of the Hintonburger’s burgers and hot dogs on the BBQ.  Om nom nom.  As the good Canadian I am, I immediately proceeded to gulp down two yummy burgers and managed to get all the condiments on my jacket and my hockey stick (any tips on how to get condiments off a ski jacket are most welcome).

Then it was time to sign the waivers and get on with the tournament.  The first game started and right away the anxiety downed on me.  Good lord, what did I get myself into? I went to my team mates and asked them to show me how to hold the hockey stick.  This doesn’t bode well, they said, with a smile.  I smiled nervously back at them.  I should also note that I’m left handed and I had a right handed stick. Oh well, I thought.  It’s all for charity, anyway.

Then it was our time to play.  Butterflies in my stomach! a few minutes into the first half I found myself thinking: Hey! this is A LOT of fun!  playing with a right handed stick felt a bit weird at first but soon I got the hang of it.  However, we were facing a good team and we were being cremated at first.  We got it together for the second half but still lost.  It was exhilarating nonetheless!

Then we had to play our second game right away.  Thank goodness, Randy had arrived by that time, and with his help and the fact that now we had a bench and we were able to take breaks, we managed to win.  Someone from the crowd lent me a left handed stick which also made it much easier for me.  A little bit of adjustment cause at that point I was already used to the right handed stick but after a few minutes I was back in track… to not doing much, of course.

But guess what? With the goal difference, we also got in the final! Go Senaleafs Go!

On the other hand, that also meant playing a third game.  At this point my back (recently injured while doing swing acrobatics) was complaining loudly.  I decided to ignore it. Heck, it was THE FINAL of my first road hockey experience ever! who cares about a sissy back?

Shut up – I said, and proudly walked with my team mates for the puck drop.

In the end we lost the game  in spite of the valiant efforts of my team members and the awesome performance of our new goalie, Littler Little.

But! we won so many things:  Lots of smiles and new friendships   The great feeling of doing a good deed.  The joy of being out on a beautiful (if only slightly on the cool side) Fall afternoon.

I love living in Canada.  I’m proud of being Canadian and I’m very honoured to now be part of one of the greatest Great White North traditions: Road Hockey! next step, Ice Hockey… maybe.

Many thanks to Joe and Amy Boughner for putting this event together.  Many thanks to all the sponsors -for a complete list, please see the Showdown site, the kind people that donated the yummy baked goods, all the players and also their families that came to cheers for us.  And special thanks to my team mates who were so kind and supportive to me.  Great team job!

We managed to raise $1475 for the Ottawa Food Bank, plus two big boxes full of food and I’ve been told they can turn every dollar into $5.  YAY!

And non-twitter people still ask me why I like Twitter so much.  Thank you my tweeps.  You rock!


Senaleaf line up

Randy @littlerandy

Jody @JodyLavoie

Jason @chefjayl

Spencer @Senturion

Littler Little Not on Twitter… yet ;)

And me!

From Battlestar Galactica to zombie walks

Can’t really take much credit for this entry -other than copying and pasting the tweets, but I find it very amusing.  I hope you do too.

Just your regular Twitter conversation:

@EcoGeek13: So apparently Frack is the go-to swear stand in for the SyFy network in the US. #Warehouse13

@BrandonErratt: yes it is catching on pretty Frakin’ Fast!

@ClaudiaPetrilli: Dude! apparently? Battlestar Galactica and its prequel, Caprica

@EcoGeek13: I never got into BG. Did they use it a lot there as well?

@ClaudiaPetrilli: yep, that’s how it all started #battlestargalactica

@BrandonErratt: on an unrelated note.. I miss Firefly #sigh

@ClaudiaPetrilli: don’t we all? le sigh 

@map_maker: nope, because I never saw it. *hides* @BrandonErratt

@ClaudiaPetrilli: what? really? @BrandonErratt #firefly

@map_maker: really really. Haven’t seen bsg either
@ClaudiaPetrilli: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sacrilege! neither one? careful where you thread, you’re about to lose your #geekygirl badge lol

@BrandonErratt: I have not seen bsg either.. Not much of a scifi guy..
@ClaudiaPetrilli: but you like firefly…. / @map_maker

@EcoGeek13: Ah, Joss Whedon, the genius that is. It’s why I watch Big Bang Theory. Plus, Dr. Horrible feature coming

@BrandonErratt: There is so much win in that post 

@EcoGeek13: If I wasn’t straight, I’d be all over @ActuallyNPH like Mel Gibson on a racial slur. 

@BrandonErratt: its ok.. I’m a trysexual.. Try anything once.. Twice if I like it..

@ClaudiaPetrilli: hahaha, not a bad philosophy to live by ;)

@ClaudiaPetrilli: still, I won’t try frozen monkey brains, though 

@EcoGeek13: Why not? Monkey brains sound tasty! 

@map_maker: frozen ones tho? I think they’d be better pan fried with butter and onions or something. 

@EcoGeek13: Why not frozen. Be hood in a smoothie. /

@BrandonErratt: sell them at the annual Zombie Walk.. #TheCogThatTurnTheGears

And that’s reason # 3592 I love Twitter!  

Many thanks to @BrandonErratt, @EcoGeek13 and   @map_maker for providing so much entertainment :)