What makes the Summer Solstice Girl sad

Children dying of preventable diseases (like of lack of potable water or starvation, for example).

War, hunger, torture, inequality of any kind. Violence, specially against women and children. A child that has lost her parents because an absurd war.  A child that is not loved because of her gender.

Mistreated animals (what is wrong with people?)

Not being able to help a friend.

Polluted rivers, lakes and oceans.

People killing other people in the name of God.

Animals disappearing from the face of the earth because of man’s greed and obtuseness.

Stepping on an earth worm that has been washed out of the lawn by heavy rain.

Caged animals (again, what is wrong with people?).  Incidentally, my mother used to keep birds in cages.  Very beautiful there were and they also used to sing and chatter all day.  But that didn’t make me happy.  On the contrary, all their beautiful songs sounded very sad to me.  It seemed to me they sang about their desire to fly to the sky.  About their lost freedom.  I used to sneak out at night an open the cage door so they could fly away.  I was around 6 or 7.  After that she just gave up on the idea. Never had a caged bird again.  My poor mother :P

This article made me cry today.  South African reserve’s last rhino butchered for her horn They cut off her horn and let her bleed to death.  LET HER BLEED TO DEATH.  I wonder how would they feel if someone cut their penises off and let them bleed to death… not that I’d condone such an act but it just makes me wonder.  A very sad Summer Solstice Girl here :(