From Battlestar Galactica to zombie walks

Can’t really take much credit for this entry -other than copying and pasting the tweets, but I find it very amusing.  I hope you do too.

Just your regular Twitter conversation:

@EcoGeek13: So apparently Frack is the go-to swear stand in for the SyFy network in the US. #Warehouse13

@BrandonErratt: yes it is catching on pretty Frakin’ Fast!

@ClaudiaPetrilli: Dude! apparently? Battlestar Galactica and its prequel, Caprica

@EcoGeek13: I never got into BG. Did they use it a lot there as well?

@ClaudiaPetrilli: yep, that’s how it all started #battlestargalactica

@BrandonErratt: on an unrelated note.. I miss Firefly #sigh

@ClaudiaPetrilli: don’t we all? le sigh 

@map_maker: nope, because I never saw it. *hides* @BrandonErratt

@ClaudiaPetrilli: what? really? @BrandonErratt #firefly

@map_maker: really really. Haven’t seen bsg either
@ClaudiaPetrilli: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, sacrilege! neither one? careful where you thread, you’re about to lose your #geekygirl badge lol

@BrandonErratt: I have not seen bsg either.. Not much of a scifi guy..
@ClaudiaPetrilli: but you like firefly…. / @map_maker

@EcoGeek13: Ah, Joss Whedon, the genius that is. It’s why I watch Big Bang Theory. Plus, Dr. Horrible feature coming

@BrandonErratt: There is so much win in that post 

@EcoGeek13: If I wasn’t straight, I’d be all over @ActuallyNPH like Mel Gibson on a racial slur. 

@BrandonErratt: its ok.. I’m a trysexual.. Try anything once.. Twice if I like it..

@ClaudiaPetrilli: hahaha, not a bad philosophy to live by ;)

@ClaudiaPetrilli: still, I won’t try frozen monkey brains, though 

@EcoGeek13: Why not? Monkey brains sound tasty! 

@map_maker: frozen ones tho? I think they’d be better pan fried with butter and onions or something. 

@EcoGeek13: Why not frozen. Be hood in a smoothie. /

@BrandonErratt: sell them at the annual Zombie Walk.. #TheCogThatTurnTheGears

And that’s reason # 3592 I love Twitter!  

Many thanks to @BrandonErratt, @EcoGeek13 and   @map_maker for providing so much entertainment :)