SSG’s Virtual Cafe

Mah absolutely gorgeous coffee grinder

Virtual Cafe is a place where they always serve your favourite kind of coffee (prepared by you).  It is open 24/7 and you can hang out in your PJs.

Isn’t that nice?

Virtual Cafe is in the works. The idea is to have a virtual space for coffee lovers to hang out and talk about things.  Tea lovers will be welcome to, of course.  I am still not sure how accomplish this.  I want it to be here on WP but I don’t know if that’s possible.

In the mean time, take a moment to read a bit about what coffee means to a Colombian born like me.

Tomémonos Un Tinto, Seamos Amigos

A tinto is the presentation par excellence of a cup of black coffee as well as its antonomastic name in Colombia, where references to it are synonymous with affection and hospitality. A tinto may cost up to four pounds on a London street, yet in Colombia it may be obtained for free. Practically anyone is willing to prepare and offer it and begin a dialogue surrounded by the aroma of coffee. This was the reason behind the creation a few years back of the flagship phrase for a successful publicity campaign: “Tomémonos un tinto, seamos amigos”, which could be translated as “Let’s have a tinto, let’s be friends.”

The initiation of friendship actually begins with the mule driver’s sensible work on the mountains to make the earth bring forth its best fruits. And those of us who are honored by drinking such a delicious beverage can only thank this sensible work, because it is thanks to coffee that we get to know the good news of each day.

It is customary in Colombia to begin the day with a cup of coffee that gives us energy and optimism. Just about anywhere. In coffee landscapes, beaches, exotic settings, and big cities, there will always be someone to offer a tinto.

Even god loves coffee

Now I need a badge.  How does one go about making one?

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