Sunday Adventures

The weather is finally cool enough for me to go on bike rides. So today, I decided to take my still unnamed bike for a spin.

I had put it in storage last year while I was between places and only got it back this week. I missed my pretty bike very much. I also realized the poor thing is in great need of a tune up.

But! One thing at a time.

Fred and I went for a two-hour ride. First, we took the Rideau River Path. Then we went back on the same path till Bank St, exit and rode along Bank till the Rideau Canal Path, which we took all the way back downtown.

The weather was perfect. Just the right amount of sunshine, breeze and temperature.

I even managed to take a few nice pictures with my iPhone.





Ottawa is such a beautiful city.  I love its numerous bike paths and the fact that there is water everywhere.  We have the Ottawa River, the Rideau River & the Rideau Canal. And just across the bridge, there’s the Gatineau River too.  I love it!

What a great Sunday adventure!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Adventures

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Yes, I consider myself lucky to live in Ottawa. It is a very beautiful city all year round. Except for November. Ottawa is rather ugly in November with the bare trees and grey skies. But then the snow comes and it becomes a winter wonderland and it gets beautiful again

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