My first Canadian party

So, here I am… In Canada. The dream of my life!

Now comes the adjusting and the learning. Some situations are quite funny actually. Like the time when I was invited to my first Canadian party.

I get invited to this party -I had been living here for about a month or two.

Naturally, I am very excited. I show up fashionably late. You see, in Colombia people are always late -particularly for parties. You tell them the party starts at 10 pm, they show up at 11:30. You tell them it starts at 9 pm, they show up at 10:30. You tell them it starts at 8 pm, they think you are joking. Parties down there really don’t “start” till past 11 pm and they go way up till 5 am or later.

Continuing with the story. I show up fashionably late. The house is already full of people sitting or standing in small groups, munching and drinking. Elevator music is being played in the background.

So, I mingle, eat a little, and wait.

About 45 minutes later I ask the host when is the dancing gonna start. The host looks at me like I am speaking in Klingon. Dancing? He says. And I’m like, yeah, dancing you know, we’ve been eating and chatting for a while… what about dancing?

He looks perplexed. Well, is this not a party? I ask. Yeah -he says, a dinner party. And what the hell is a dinner party, I’m thinking to myself. I guess I am the one looking perplexed now cause he goes on to explain that there isn’t gonna be any dancing at all and that people at dinner parties just sit (or stand) and talk and eat and get drunk.

Then I am informed that in fact most Canadian parties don’t involve any dancing at all!

Say what?

Oy, I think, living here is gonna be weird…

By 11 pm I am back home. Movie anyone?

9 thoughts on “My first Canadian party

  1. worldtodiscover says:

    haha quite funny! I have the same dilemma when i invite ppl over — somehow in our culture being fashionably late is a courteousy – because it leaves enough time for the hosts to be ready to receive you! :p

  2. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    That’s too funny. I have few other blogging pals, if any, who can just drop “Klingon” into the conversation. How cool is it you created an opportunity to dance?


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