I’m a weirdo

Someone told me today I’m a weirdo.

Not even the first time it happens.  I get that all the time.  Variations of the same theme: Insane, crazy, weird, weirdo.

It all started because that person asked me today why I came to Canada.  And I only get that, oh I don’t know, about ten times a day.

It usually goes like this:

Person: So, you have an accent.  Where are you from?

Me: Colombia

Person: Oh nice! Why did you come to Canada?

Me: Because it’s fucking hell there I always wanted to come here.

Person: oh, why?

Me: I always wanted to come to Canada, since I was little. [shrug]

Person: And how do you like winters? Coming from Colombia, it must be hard for you

Me: Not at all.  I love winter.  And snow

Person: Really? why?

Me: Because it’s cold.  I don’t like heat

Person: You’re weird

Happy SSG

6 thoughts on “I’m a weirdo

  1. meizac says:

    I had a student from Colombia a few terms ago, who – the day the course wrapped up – thanked me for not asking her if she left Colombia because she was involved in a drug cartel (yup, that’s a regular question she got…nice, eh?).

  2. Ink. [Anette] says:

    I’m a weirdo too. I’ve always thought of it as a complement, suggesting that I’m supernatural and awesome… is that being overly optimistic? I think people tend to forget the good things about their own backyards. We like to look over the hedge.

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