Busy weekend (and week) ahead

I had planned to write a follow up to yesterday’s post but it seems like I won’t have time today.  Or this weekend.  Or maybe even next week.

At Swing Dynamite, we do all kind of cool non-dancing stuff during the summer.  And this Sunday is one of them.  We start the day with a Yoga class at our studio and then we all head to Calypso Water Park for a fun day of sun and water slides.  I can’t wait!!! We had SO much fun last year!

Group pic at the end of the day. So much fun! Unfortunately, some people had already left.

Then on Monday, I have to take both kitties to the vet.  That’s gonna be quite the adventure.  The bear can’t come because he’s working (YAY!) but I have enrolled my daughter’s help.

Little miss Satchie needs her rabies boost shot.

And Jayzers, well he needs some blood work done in preparation for his dental surgery.

Many thanks to those of you who help us with your advice.  Special shout out to Veggiewitch for suggesting I’d ask Jay’s clinic about payment plan arrangement.  I did and the manager agreed to it!  That’s a HUGE relief as this is the estimate for the procedure:

Yes, we Canadians are heavily taxed

We have decided on tooth extraction and that’s happening on Tuesday.  I have to bring Jay to the Pet Hospital at 8 am and if all goes well I will be picking him up at 4 pm.

The good thing is that they will take advantage that Jay will be out to do a dental profilaxis as well.  My boy will have nice and healthy teeth after that.

So, between work, fun outings, kitty vet appointments and dental surgery,  I don’t know when I’ll have time to write the follow up post.

Hope you al have a GREAT weekend!

44 thoughts on “Busy weekend (and week) ahead

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    So glad you are doing fun things this Sunday! :) Awesome!
    And I’m so glad the Bear is working again for money! :) Tell the Bear I really miss him! Will be following The Bear and The Daisy now to not lose contact with him.
    Empathising hugely with you about Jay’s surgery. It’s awful waiting to hear they are awake again and doing well and the procedures are all over. Give him special pats from me too. I’m glad he’ll have clean teeth after this.
    I’m *so* glad you got to do a payment plan! That is a *lot* of money! Eek~! Even though Jay is worth far more than every cent of that.
    Looking forward to hearing how your fun went as well as Jay’s surgery.
    Rufus is doing *really* well now. He has plumped up surprisingly fast again. He’s a lot more phobic of dogs now, so I’m wondering if a dog might have scared him into that room he got locked in. Poor baby. He’s settled very well now, as long as he doesn’t see any dogs.
    I love the photo of your dance group. you all look so healthy! :)
    Love from Rach.

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Thank you! Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. I feel myself withdrawing more and more. For me, when I want to be hidden and away from people, stay at home all the time, that’s not a good sign. It’ll be good for me to go out and do stuff outside :)

      Thank you so much for caring for Jay. You totally understand how I feel! And poor Rufus. It must’ve been so terrifying for him. I am SO happy he’s back home with you :)

      Fred and I keep talking about doing a vlog but after my son left but I’ve been a bit busy. We have to do it soon. I miss it

      • purpleowltree1234 says:

        I *so* understand the withdrawing! (((hugs))) Be gentle on you, and enjoy the sunshine! You’re worth it.
        Sending lots of healing vibes to Jay, starting tomorrow (It’s Sunday here now- hahaha, I accidentally wrote “Sinday” hahaha). :)
        I just keep looking at Rufus (and patting him, talking with him, feeding him, etc). I can’t quite believe he came back after all that time! It’s just like, WOW! To think you’ll never see him again, then he’s back and he bounces back into fine form so quickly, it’s just mind boggling. Am I dreaming? :D
        Looking forward to anything and everything you and Fred make! :)
        Love from Rach.

  2. sdunnebacke says:

    Godspeed to Mr. Jazz Cat during his hospitalization. I’ll tell my four to send some supportive purrs or snorts or whatever his way on Tuesday.

  3. Animalcouriers says:

    Super news on the payment plan front and getting his teeth cleaned at the same time. Poor old Jazzy but his smile will be brilliant soon (if a little lop sided!). Have a great day out :D

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