SSG’s adventures in DC. Part 3

Yesterday was all about exploring the universe!

From Ptolemy to the COBE.  From the naked eye to sophisticated instruments.

And a little bit of human flight history too.  From the Wright brothers to Neil Armstrong.

But let’s recap.

Last time we talked I was about the spend my first night ever at a hostel.  I was a bit uneasy but it all went [mostly] well.  I ended up in a room with 5 guys, me being the only woman there.

My bunk bed (yes, I slept on the top bed of a bunk bed which is awesome) was very noisy.  Every time the guy turned in his sleep, it sounded like someone was having mad sex or something.  And he was tossing and turning a lot.  Then one of the other guys was also snoring loudly so I didn’t sleep much that night.

On top of that, everybody got up really early.  Like, REALLY early.  By 7 am, they were showering and getting ready to leave.  Who starts the day that early when they are on holidays?

Anyway, since I was completely awake, I waited for my turn to use the bathroom and was all showered, dressed and ready to go by 8:30.

The problem, the museums only open at 10 am.

So I wasted time online and left by 9:30.  Got there nice and early with only about 50,000 other people that also thought they were going to beat the crowds.

It was a busy day at the Air and Space museum.

But it was also tons of fun!

I spend about 5 hours there and then went back to the Natural History museum to see the parts I didn’t get to explore the previous day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ended the day with a Mammals reunion party at the Natural History museum.

At the mammals reunion party

Good times

7 thoughts on “SSG’s adventures in DC. Part 3

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Too, too cool. I have to chuckle at seeing the Enterprise! Do you think your visit did justice to the Air & Space Museum, or is it one of those places that require three days of exploring to see it all?

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Oh no. Not at all.

      I didn’t visit the East wing at all. And I couldn’t do all the interactive activities either. Even though it was a week day, it was full of kids.

      I spent 5 hours there and I think I only saw half of it

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