SSG’s adventures in DC. Part 4

I spent yesterday and today exploring the Old Town part of Alexandria, VA.

It is a very lovely town.  A picturesque, old town full of history.  My kind of town.

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They have a free trolley service that runs all day long with several stops along the way and people can hop on and hop off as they explore the town.

They also took this old torpedo factory and made it into an arts centre.  Brilliant idea!  Artists have their studios there and you can buy their art directly from them.  There’s paintings and pottery and crafts.  I had a great time there.

Today, I went to eat at this cool New Orleans style restaurant called King Street Blues.  The food is great, the service is very good and the art is super fun!

AND, apparently they knew I was coming cause they painted this on the wall in front of the stairs

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