Quotable Quotes by MLK

Lately, I am late with everything.

Okay, fine. I am always late with everything. In fact, the only thing I was early for was my own birthday. And the only reason I am [almost] never late with rent is because of the multiple alarms I have set on my phone. ADHD much? You all know the answer to that one.

But, I am late with reading emails of late. More than usual.

So, I just opened this one from Mashable and it gave me pause. It was about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the full article go here.

Reading like these make me angry[er]. Because after all these years, very little has changed. The lynching, maybe. But we are still fighting most of the same social justice issues.

MLK - Freedom must be demanded.jpg

Racism still runs rampart. Less overt, but rampant. Homophobia is still rampart. Misogyny is still rampart. The one percent hasn’t changed. The gap between lower and upper classes gets bigger every day.

People of Colour, LGBTQ people and women are still in great danger in many countries. People of Colour, LGBTQ people and women still get murdered (and bullied and discriminated against) in many countries and the murderers (perpetrators) get away with… well, murder.

And then there is animal cruelty.

So I get mighty angry.

But Dr. Martin Luther King’s voice still give me chills. I am ever so grateful for him and all others before and after who were committed to fight for justice and even gave their lives for the cause. I am ever so heart-heavy for their spouses, children and other family members. It hell living with the knowledge that every minute you spend with your loved one can be the last.

MLK - On lynching.jpg

In the end, we don’t all need to be heroes. Or martyrs. But we can all do our part in making this a safer world for everybody, including those who think and look different than us.

MLK - Extremists for love.jpg

Because really, all you need is love

MLK - Serve.jpg

Happy [belated] Martin Luther King Day

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