Today is a Good Day

I woke up to a couple of aggravating things.

  1. My verbally abusive neighbour at the steps of my porch, being all Mr. Nice to my ground floor neighbour. Holy cow, that was upsetting.
  2. No bread for breakfast

Then Sid was the herald of good news:

Same sex marriage is now legal in the country everywhere

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the US  Supreme Court Declared Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States!!!!

Well, if that is not good news then I don’t know what is.

Actually, I am sure that there are millions feeling right now like they were just stabbed. Silly people. To you, let me tell you what same-sex marriage doesn’t mean:

  • It doesn’t mean YOU have to marry someone of your same sex.
  • It doesn’t mean the sanctity of YOUR marriage is threatened. Said sanctity is what YOU make of it. It YOUR marriage is not holy, then that is your own doing. Work to make your own marriage all the holy you want. Nobody will ever take that away from you. But DO let others be happy and have the holiness of their choosing.
  • It doesn’t mean YOU have to approve it or even like it. Dislike and disapprove all you want. YOU don’t have to like everything. Some people like chocolate ice cream. Some other prefer vanilla. You don’t see the need to make vanilla ice cream illegal just because you don’t like it, right? You just don’t buy it and that’s the end of it. Likewise, same-sex marriage doesn’t have to be illegal just because you don’t like it. Just don’t buy it and be happy instead with your different-sex marriage.
  • It doesn’t mean the world is out to get YOU and your church. Love is love. Be happy that other people have love too. YOU are not the only one entitled to love and happiness.

OK? We good now?


Today is a happy day.

Make love people, not war.

PS: I had leftover poutine for breakfast – instead of bread, and it was delicious.

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