Things you need to know about me

I’m insane. That is a fact.

I'm insane

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. However, if you want to learn about the various degrees of my insanity, then by all means, please keep reading.

I deal with various chronic health issues, including – but not limited to, PTSD and Fibromyalgia. If I cancel at the last minute it is not because I am flaky. It is because I am having a flare up or an anxiety attack or something. I don’t mean to stand you up. It’s just that I am home, feeling miserable and unable to break the cycle.

I don’t like summers. I go into heat exhaustion quite easily so “a nice day” for you is actually hell for me. Furthermore, bright light hurts my eyes so I much prefer rainy days. Besides, I love to get caught in the rain (yes, I also like piña coladas) and jump on puddles so rainy days are just the awesome. Plus we cannot have green fields and pretty flowers without rain. That’s why I think that people should stop complaining about rainy days and start appreciating them for all the goodness they bring us.

I don’t say empty things and I don’t lie… If I pay you a compliment, be a 100% sure,  it’s heartfelt. However, that also means that many a time I am dumbfounded when I realize that sometimes, people didn’t really mean something they told to me . people who mean everything they say

I am a nerd and a geek. But you probably knew that already. I was a nerd and a geek waaaaaay before it became cool to be one. I also tend to be a snob when it comes to geekery. For example, If you think you know Tolkien because you’ve watched the extended version of the movies twice, don’t even. The movies got it all wrong. If you think that everything in Tolkien’s world happens in Middle-earth, don’t even either. You might want to read the Silmarillion ASAP. See what I mean? Also, see below.

I don’t have filters. That means that sooner or later, I’m bound to say something you’ll find offensive. I don’t mean to offend but that is how it comes across. If you are easily offended, you might want to stay away from me.

one cries because one is sad

To make matters even worse, I will most likely interrupt you while you are talking. I don’t mean to be rude. It is just that my brain is going  at the speed of light and what you are saying got superseded by about a gazillion thoughts. That’s what it means to have Attention Deficit Disorder. I love cats. I have a bike called Bessie. Do you like Firefly? I had ice cream for dinner last night. Oh, hi… I didn’t know you were there.

I don't mean to interrupt

I have friends from all walks of life and from all religions. I don’t see labels. I don’t see Muslim or Christian or atheist or black or white or gay or straight. I see friend. Period. If we are to be friends, you must respect my other friends too. You don’t have to be friends with them or even like them but you must respect them. It’s only fair, I think.

If you are a trophy hunter, then we can’t be friends. I am as tolerant as they come but I have my limit. And just because it is possible someone will take that as an opportunity to pick up a fight, please note that I am qualifying the noun hunter with “trophy”. If you hunt for food, that’s fine with me. If you hunt to hang stuff on your wall then I don’t want anything to do with you.

If you hate, I don’t think we can’t be friends either. I don’t understand hatred. Not if they think different than you. Not if they look different than you or speak different a different language or if they believe in a different god or no god at all. According to me, nothing justifies hatred.

If your god tells you you must kill those who think different, we most definitely cannot be friends.

I feel and experience things very differently from most people. When I say my heart weeps for the lost lives in the world, my heart is really weeping. I am not overreacting or trying to be cutesy. And it is a burden, really.

I’m also very opinionated. But I really don’t mind being challenged as long as you are respectful about it. And believe it or not, you might be able to change my mind if you have enough solid data. I don’t mind that at all.

This might come to a shock to many: I am an actually an introvert. I cherish quiet and I am at my best when I am alone with a book, surrounded by my cats. Big gatherings are unnerving to me and it takes me a long time to recover from them. If that confuses you because you have only experienced my smiley, bubbly self, I am what is nowadays known as an outgoing introvert. I am not faking the smiles or the bubbliness (remember, I don’t lie). It all comes automatically and it is heartfelt but it also takes a lot out of me and I will need a lot of down time in order to recharge.

me, at a party

I may look graceful when I am on the dance floor but I can’t navigate my own place without getting a couple of bruises per day. Remember when I said I had a bunch of health issues? Yeah, that. One of the reasons I can’t work in a lab anymore :(

I'm not clumsy

I am a proud Colombian and I am a proud Canadian. Where I stand, I see objectively the best and the worse of both cultures. That means that I love my Canada but I am not blind to any downside of its culture. I love my Colombia and therefore I am constantly saddened by its social strife and its suffering. The struggle of my people is my struggle.

I will never be silent in the face of social injustice!

I will never be silent in the face of animal cruelty!

Finally, I don’t do mornings. And that’s as true and undeniable as the effects of gravity.

That’s about it. The bottom line is:

I just get weirder

11 thoughts on “Things you need to know about me

  1. msmarguerite says:

    Your frankness is awesome, Claudia. To be honest, I wish I had the guts to be as frank as you a lot of the time. Keep being you. Know that you’re loved and respected by a lot of awesome people. Hugs!

  2. fearlessanalyst says:

    From Sid’s blog, I ended up at yours. Neat! Weird is good. Outside the box is good. I think that’s the only way you can really see “inside” that box :-) You and Sid are still “young” whatever that means — and it sounds to me like you’ll do great things together….Advice from a 73 year old: when fighting face to face doesn’t work, write to each other :-) Writing you have the chance to re-read, think about, maybe edit — before “send”…. Modern life is great (when I’m not worrying about Harper!!) Coincidentally, I too am a swing dancer. Last night my husb. and I took some young friends to Harbourfront (Toronto) and danced to the Toronto Allstars swing band. Awesome!!

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